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  1. Here is some scans I did. I'll be doing some more scans soon! 51667699xx 01 5ESS announcement 11 the long distance code that you dialed had to be proceeded with 950 32 milliwatts tone 39 busy 45 milliwatts tone 55 Greenvale garage 68 high pitch tone 70 busy 72 line pick up dead air 76 due to unusual heavy traffic in the exchange you are calling your call cannot be completed at this time 77 due to an dialing change you must dial an area code before the 7 digits 51675999xx 00 milliwatt 01 5ess announcement 25 the long distance code that you dialed had to be proceeded with 950 26 carrier code is needed for this call 27 call cannot be completed due to wrong access code or restrictions on the line 28 number you dialed cannot be reached with the carrier access code 29 a carrier access is required for the number you dial or their is restrictions on the line 45 milliwatt 59 busy 68 HIGH pitch screech 70 busy 72 your call cannot be completed please try your call again or call Customer care 92 busy 51667499xx 00 milliwatt 15 modem 32 milliwatt 33 voicemail 41 busy 45 milliwatt 46 busy 59 the voicemail you are calling has not been setup yet 67 dead air 79 number is unavailable or private 85 busy 89 number cannot be called from a private number. Without blocked number Verizon voicemail system. 93 Verizon voicemail system 94 Verizon voicemail system 98 where sorry you Must first dial a 1 99 your phone has been temp disco. If this is an emergency dial 911. For Customer service dial 0
  2. 2098886960 Identifies itself as the lab. Seems pretty cool. Check it out. burntkid
  3. What is going on with irc.binrev.net 6667.. I try to get on the server but I get a connection refused..
  4. Welcome Moshin.. Make yourself at home.. Hope your stay is enjoyable!
  5. 253-785-0549 Telemarketers Nightmare 516-759-9900 Milliwatt 516-759-9925 The LD access code must be proceeded with 950 516-759-9926 The Carrier Access code has not been selected 516-759-9927 Your call cannot be completed due to restrictions on the line or the incorrect carrier access code 516-759-9929 An carrier access code is requered to make this call. 516-759-9945 Millawatt line 516-759-9946 Fax
  6. I found what telephone company owned these numbers. Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Co.. Hope this helps.. http://farmersmutualcoop.com/index.html
  7. V.S.O.P You have two approaches to call forwarding without physical access to a line. Remote Activated Call Forwarding. You would first have to find out the access number. Than you would call that and enter the number and pin code. Of course you would have to know the pin code to be able to use this approach. The second way is to social engineer your call forwarding through a department like one above. Depending on the phone company will depend on how you have to social engineer the call forwarding. You could try acting like a repair person or a customer but as a customer a lot of times a pin code might be needed or CPNI might be verified. f0ner00t aka burntkid
  8. Exchange 516676 9900 Milliwatt 9901 All circuits are busy 086T 9902 NIS 9903 NIS 9904 NIS 9905 RNA 9906 NIS 9907 RNA 9908 RNA 9909 RNA 9910 Click / Dead Air (Maybe Loop) 9911 LD carrier access code needs to be proceeded by 950 9912 RNA 9913 RNA 9914 RNA 9915 RNA 9916 RNA 9917 NIS 9918 NIS 9919 NIS 9920 RNA 9921 RNA 9922 RNA 9923 RNA 9924 RNA 9925 RNA 9926 NIS 9927 NIS 9928 NIS 9929 NIS 9930 NIS 9931 RNA 9932 Milliwatt 9933 RNA 9934 RNA 9935 RNA 9936 RNA 9937 NIS 9938 RNA 9939 Busy 9940 NIS 9941 NIS 9942 NIS 9943 NIS 9944 NIS 9945 Milliwatt 9946 RNA 9947 RNA 9948 RNA 9949 RNA 9950 NIS 9951 NIS 9952 NIS 9953 NIS 9954 NIS 9955 Greenvale Garage (Most likely place they park their trucks) 9956 RNA 9957 RNA 9958 NIS 9959 NIS 9960 NIS 9961 RNA 9962 NIS 9963 RNA 9964 RNA 9965 NIS 9966 FAX 9967 NIS 9968 Dead Air 9969 NIS 9970 Busy 9971 NIS 9972 Fast Busy 9973 NIS 9974 NIS 9975 NIS 9976 Due to heavy calling to the exchange you are calling we cannot complete your call 9977 Due to an area code code change you have to dial 1+631 9978 RNA 9979 RNA 9980 RNA 9981 RNA 9982 RNA 9983 RNA 9984 RNA 9985 RNA 9986 NIS 9987 RNA 9988 RNA 9989 RNA 9990 RNA 9991 NIS 9992 NIS 9993 NIS 9994 RNA 9995 RNA 9996 RNA 9997 Busy 9998 NIS 9999 RNA =============== Moderator's Note =============== Thank you for using Binrev. This post has been moved as this thread is the more appropriate place for scans. No content has been edited and you will not receive any warning points. If you feel you are receiving this message in error, please hang up and send PM to a sysop. This is a recording. Two-one-M.
  9. Looks like test numbers to test copper loops of some sort.
  10. If you go to an operator and you ask for extension 4001 or 4002 you can get dropped into a conference,.
  11. Back in the days in the 516 area code we dialed 660-xxxx got a return dial tone hit the flash hook and heard a loud tone. Than we would hang up and it would ring back. This was 25 years ago though lol. Manadatory 10 digit dialing most likely would have you dial 660-xxx-xxxx but because this is an special ring back number it might allow you to dial 7 digits. 958 use to read back your anac. xxx-xxx-99xx in the NY area is used for telephone test numbers. xxx-xxx-9970 gives a busy signal and xxx-xxx-9901 reads back the area which the central office is located, switch type and prefixs the co serves in most area codes and prefix in New York. Other things we found in the 99xx exchanges are test tones, loops, modems, annoucement messages. Hope this helps! burntkid
  12. 12538020571 always up and running:)
  13. I will be on it all day most likely... Problem is people come on for one second hear nobody is on their and leave... Unlike the old conference bridges where people would just sit and hang out till others join.
  14. You can also get to this conference bridge now by calling into one of these lines on SIP Broker see link below http://sipbroker.com/sipbroker/action/pstnNumbers and dialing *011-1209 Disregard this is not working right now.. I'll have to work on it and figure out what broke.. It worked the other day .. I will edit this post when it works again.
  15. Drum and base. I should be on tomorrow and Saturday at some point and on most of the day Sunday...