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  1. Sorry, been a crazy haven t checked this forum in a few days... anyhow, yeah a fair number of people screw with relay operators, but while it can be annoying, for the most part no one cares much... I've always felt bad for the folks prank calling via it or whenever....when such time could be spent doing more worthwhile activities (strip clubs come to mind!) but yeah, using it is totally anonymous and FCC regulations state that it has to remain confidential...sometimes I relay drug sales, death threats, whatever...good way to communicate and it's free long distance anywhere in the country ( if you're curious)...and it works well as a college job, which is why i do it... it works out to about $10/hr after you figure in the night differential and uhh other crap. but yeah, if you're gonna make a prank call this is a lot more anonymous, as the caller id doesnt send (though your ip is shown at the bottom of the screen and logged on the Rockwell that the terminals communicate with). However, none of the supervisors or other workers that I've met there seem to know what the number (the ip address, not many tech-savvy individuals working there, it seems) is for anyhow (Sprint logs it basically to save their asses in the event of something really catastraphic happening via the relay system or something, I guess). Just a FYI, I guess, I'll update you as I gather more info...I have several suspicions about the OS so far, which basically functions as a dumb terminal, communicating with the rockwell (the rockwell seems to be used for all troubleshooting regarding the terminals as well, as all problems I've ever encountered had to be dealt with from the rockwell, and not locally), anyhow, I'm out for now, peace :jawa: