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  1. Hi, What is the make and model of your hard disk and what is the make and model of the machine it originally came from? There are some defaults that might work for you, and these can be found with a little bit of searching the web. Cheers Wd hi ,i just sent the hdd to rubish , coudnt find a solution or the ones that i found didnt work on me. thanks for the help :-)
  2. For what i could understand ,those options are for resetting Bios password , my problem is the HDD password. Even so i tried that one of the battery like says on manual ,but no results on HDD :-(
  3. Hi, have this laptop that some how asking for HDD password ,didnt even know that was possible ,anyway i googled and found this forum ,read some articles and hope you guys can help me. been trying this hdd_pw and unlock6 but nothing been working, did manage once get some codes but didnt workout and never find correct instructions to use this files for a noob like me...if anyone can help or give directions, laptop is Acer Aspire 6930 ( 6930G - 643G25Bn )the error code is 15928 . many thanks in advance for any help