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  1. PM me if you are going to defcon. Ill drop you my cell number.
  2. 0 on your cellphone gets you 10102880? What provider do you use?
  3. i can get you chip for one, if you find a handset
  4. msg me on aim if anyone needs any. this is for novelty purposes only, if i am somehow convinced that it these chips will be abused i will refuse to sell them to you.
  5. tr0n 0wnz me
  6. I am only healthy in small doses?
  8. prank call the cingular afterhours technical support call center repeatedly. it is the only way.
  9. i am my favorite rider. i like mike aitken, ruben alacantara and kevin porter's riding styles though.
  10. Check out my auction.
  11. lol
  12. pj33r me 4 3y3 4m going to d3fc0n
  13. decoder doesnt want someone like emannual protesting or all that gay shit and fucking everything up. LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE DAMNIT. and fuck you to all the fuckups that posted those news articals. cant you let him have some fucking privacy. i hope you all die.
  14. asterisk lady pj33rz
  15. efnet is a ghosttown