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  1. 1: @systems_glitch, thanks! and yeah i was gonna post the source ^.^ its nothing hard anyway. 2: @I8igmac I am using AHK. autoit is detected by too many things(go back to MPGH). Also did i just read somewhere telling people to "google it" is frowned upon in this forum? Anyway, thanks and ill post when its done.
  2. To clarify on the virus part. I mean a non-lethal one. The one i have in mind to make will simply take over your mouse keeping it in the bottom left corner at all times and re-assign your a-z keys to random letters. If you restart its gone, if you hit ctrl+f12 its gone. no file harm done. would something like this be allowed here? because im gonna prank my mom with this but after the prank would like to share.
  3. Thanks for the info ^.^ i don't have a box anymore but i have seen a few tutorials on how to make one and a friend says he knows a site i can buy one from. Wanted to find out if it was worth the trouble before hand.
  4. i remember when i was a kid i had this little box i got from a friend and it emulated teh sounds of a computer dialing. I used this all over the place to make free calls from payphones. Does this still work with modern pay phones?