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  1. Hey everyone. Haven't been on here in a while. Anyway, it's been four years since I've gotten a computer and I figured it's time to upgrade. I'm pretty dead set on getting a Lenovo Thinkpad T-series computer (probably T400). I like the fact that it has a PCMCIA card slot along with an ExpressCard slot. I figure having two or three interfaces, you could do some pretty wicked things. Also, there is an integrated Bluetooth card that I'd imagine could snarf Bluetooth connections, correct? I figure, since I've saved up quite a bit of money by not buying much of anything the past few years, money isn't an option, so I was going to deck out the laptop with the best features possible. Also, I was planning on relying on a PCMCIA wireless card, such as an Orinoco card so that I can attach an antenna to it. From what I've read it seems that the ExpressCard WNICs haven't quite the power/compatibility as the PCMCIA variants. Also, I was planning on getting a GPS device to track where I'm at. Which device(s) would y'all recommend? Btw, I plan on doing everything on a source-based Linux distro. So I'll need usage of kismet, airecrack/play, and any other useful tools, with the easiest compatibility for both the wireless and GPS devices. Thanks for the help guys! Please feel free to recommend any devices/other setups which you think may be more preferential.
  2. On second thought I have been strongly considering going with an IBM T61, as they are as cheap as $400-500 (about $1500 savings) and you can put about $500 more into it to get way better hard drives and memory. The Ubiquiti definitely seems to be where it's at and I'll go with that. However, if you had to choose one, would you get the SRX or SRC? Thanks everyone for helping so far. If anyone else had any different opinions that'd be great too. Also, what's a well supported GPS device, and are they all USB?
  3. Is that devices supported by kismet, aircrack/play, etc? Also, hopefully the linux kernel supports it?
  4. I'm on board, bro
  5. VNC his bitch ass. That's what I had to do to a lazy-ass no good piece of shit suitemate I had. I didn't delete anything of his, except his 4+ gigs of ANNOYING AS FUCK COUNTRY MUSIC from his iTunes folder, which he would never turn down. It was funny watching him cry because he lost all of his music, I only asked him 1000 times to turn it down all semester. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way. You're justified if he has been a real ass, such as waking you up while bumping to his Cher music.
  6. I've used PSK Tools with my Motorola phone and it worked fine. I have no real use for it right now though, although I'd love to find where to download it. Does anyone know a good place to download all of those proprietary Motorola phone programs? It seems that the sites on HowardForums are constantly shut down.
  7. I would like to connect on a loop at some point in my life, sounds neat. Wouldn't there be a buzzing noise of somesort though if it wasn't supervised?
  8. It's nice that this is back up. Finally I can start talking and reading about X.25 networks again, thanks dude!
  9. Hey guys. I found out that my dorm uses TimeWarner phone service for our landline phones. I can't access AT&T or any other 1010* company. Anyone know any alternate way to automatically ANI divert?
  10. Interesting timing, because AT&T's been restricting toll-free dialing from their [automated] operator. Read this thread: To answer your question though, try dialing 0 for the local operator, and have him/her transfer you to a select carrier, such as AT&T or Sprint. Sadly, I think we know what happened to it
  11. 512

    Well it sounds like we're spread all across the city, So lets do a coffee shop between all three of us. There's a coffee shop around 30-35th street on quadalupe across from a blockbuster. There's also a schlotzky's down on 5th street with iMacs. We could also just go for barton creek mall -- the one with the movie theater across from it. Its about equidistant for all of us except for Hadees, who's right by it. Feedback? The coffee shop on Guadalupe sounds great. That's my vote anyway, a poor college student who wants something in walking distance
  12. 512

    I go to UT and I live on West Campus. Would a campus library or something be cool?
  13. Hello all. I have created basic websites before with links, text, some pics, etc. However, I want to know how to make a full-on website. A site with forums, something that has a members only section, databases where people could upload their own content(maybe not databases, but whatever they're called). What is the best and easiest way to do this? Also, I guess I would need a linux web host because I'm more comfortable using linux for things. Thanks.
  14. Yes, I suggest you backup anything you need that isn't incriminating and use Dban to wipe your hard drive. Do this asap. It's good to have this routine down and have a dban disk at hand all times in case the feds come knocking at your door.
  15. Man, that was "universally stupid." I can't believe you actually admitted to doing what you were doing. Also, it's VERY unwise to be wearing any computer shirts when doing anything remotely illegal with computers in public. That's like Jay and Silent Bob wearing "WE LOVE WEED" tshirts on the side of a corner store. Just a dead giveaway. Well, thankfully I had someone who really knew what the hell they were doing(Hairball) when it came to police, so I would never have this problem. But don't you have any common sense? I mean, cops are NOT there to help you. Sounds like you really fucked this one up bro. This could end up costing you a few grand for something that you could have gotten rid of by easily saying "Just checking the time, officer." Oh well, I guess some people have to learn the hard way. If the other cops are like the cop that pulled you over, then I'd guess that you'll never see your laptop again. Sadly, but truly, cops are corrupt.
  16. Personally, if you REALLY want to learn Linux, just wipe your harddrive and put Slackware on there. I forced myself to stay on slackware and figure it out, starting with a command prompt and lynx(command-line browser). This is probably the most hardcore but best way to learn, just force yourself to learn it or else! I removed my other partition to force myself to stay in Slackware, instead of booting up the other OS for help. After a few days of slackware you really get the hang of Linux.
  17. I used to subscribe to 2600 for two years a few years ago. By chance, I happened to come across a bid on eBay that were for something like 7 old issues from the early 90s of 2600. When I read them I noticed the content in the older issues were better than the issues that they produce nowadays.
  18. This sounds promising. Wine has disappointed me quite a few times in the past. Maybe some competition will help motivate the wine developers to work a little harder.
  19. Well, it seems my computer and internet connection must have needed a nice rest/reboot because I turned it off for a few hours last night, and it worked when I booted up! That's odd because I tried rebooting several times with the same settings and it never worked, perhaps I had to start Axon and Uplink before Skype?
  20. Ya, this stuff is awesome. However, I can't get any audio when I call through Uplink/Axon. I believe the problem is that Uplink is trying to answer the call. I always get "Incoming SIP call" then "Answering call...", so I think it is wrongfully trying to answer a call when I am trying to dial a call, not receive. Here is some output from Uplink: Skype is calling... Skype is calling... Incoming SIP call Answering call... Connected on call 66 Call has disconnected Finished call 0 Finished call 0 Also, in the tutorial it says you should see this: "External Line Skype is at: sip:skype@". but I see this: "External Line Skype is at: sip:skype@". and yes, I do have Uplink configured to listen on port 5070 and Axon on 5060.
  21. Well, I began playing around with the 1399 number and was seizing the trunk with a 2600 tone. However, when I tried sending DTMF tones it would automatically throw up a busy signal and I would have to clear with another 2600 tone. Has any one else tried this and gotten anything different?
  22. I say don't disclose it. In the end more systems end up getting hacked and ruined by kiddies who use those who post on full disclosure sites. Sure, you and your buddies might hack a few sites, but if you released it to the public, there could be tens of thousands of machines hacked by people who have no ethics and only care about ruining machines, thereby giving hackers a bad rep. And knowing our media, we don't need any more negatives coming out of the community that their corporate minds can feed on. In a nutshell, you can: 1. Release it to the public. It will get patched pretty quickly and many people will update their kernels. Hundreds, maybe thousands(depending on the severity), of kiddies will also have access to this code and hack any/every system they can, probably backdooring these systems, installing psybnc, or rm -rf /'ing the box, just so they can get the ego power out of knowing they can own something. 2. Keep it private between yourself and maybe a few friends. This exploit might not ever be fixed so no one will know about it and all the computers running the particular set of software will be vulnerable. However, unless you created some nasty worm(not recommended), then you would in reality only hack a handful of systems with it. Also, the systems that you would hack would probably not be destoryed(Im assuming you have some ethics.) So: If you release it, it will get fixed fast, many people will eventually update, and many machines will be hacked and possibly destoryed by people who have no business having the exploit. If you don't release it, it will go unnoticed for a long while, you and your buddies could own just about any system with whatever kernel is vulnerable, and you would probably just hack a handful of systems WITHOUT destroying them. Sure, it wouldn't get patched, but thousands of kids who just want to destory anything they can get access to won't be able to act out their wannabe-hacker fantasies. If I were you, I'd choose non-disclosure.
  23. Couldn't get it working. It kept asking for a password.
  24. I have a Motorola StarTac phone from the late 90s that I can scan a few analog frequencies with. To my surprise, I was walking down the sidewalk one day and picked up a call and I could hear both parties speaking. I thought it wouldn't work.
  25. Ya, time to stick it to the damn lunch ladies who always steal money from my account.