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  1. Hrmph. DDoS isn't "hacking" and it's lame. Botnets can be interesting, but not for what you want to do (malicious activity). You'd be better off spending your time on better ventures. IE - "real hacking". There's a ton of ways you can get involved which don't involve destruction and disturbance of services. Hardware hacking, System & network security, etc. I dunno I never really saw any use for white-hat other than stress testing software. Are there any other practical uses? Where would I get started with this?
  2. Hey guys, I am rather new to hacking but I am looking to step into the world. I've done some basic stuff like getting a war-dialer (thc-scan) to work and messing around with Low Orbit Ion Cannon (I wouldn't call that hacking) but I want more. I would like to try setting up a botnet/getting involved in DDOS but I am not sure what software I need or which is the best. I also am not sure how put packets onto other users computers. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!