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  1. what about buying a scrap ppc from ebay or something with a working lcd and using that? Would that be possible? may need some EE experience to set that up tho. This sounds like a very nifty project to take on...I would like this with a head mounted display that projects teh image on your eye :borg:
  2. yeah, as I understand it, the CIA and FBI had about a 100 fold increase in submitted applications from conventions like HOPE and DEFCON after 9/11
  3. ahh yes gotta love steganography
  4. I thought nowadays the companies used less physical filtering and more things along the line of using software to decide which signals are to be transmitted...or would that too complicated?
  5. The haxor handle of Crimson Binome is "D1gital Pariah". quite fitting.
  6. where do the paysites get teh info that they sell and is it possible to find the info on my own or find some site that offers this info for free? I've always been interested in doing these searches but I cant afford to do them on everyone I know ^^; this being an example of a paysite
  7. "what tone is this?" ...sung to the melody of greensleeves...
  8. and those that try to get away are dragged l i s t e n
  9. well, last weekend when I was stuck at home I was DOS'ed for about three hours by a syn flood and could do nothing about it (bad enought that it crashed my router)...anyone have any good resource on the web about dealing with these issues? they have been fewer and much farther in between in effective attacks (although my router still logs quite a few) because I greatly reduced the time allowed for incoming incomplete packets and such on my router but occaisionally I still get an affective attack. thx for the help folks.
  10. back when I was in high school the school system used some proggy called fortress to keep us from using anything like ie. We just had to open with the the "right-mouse-click" pop-up menu in the notepad open file option...not too hard at all...too bad I got caught looking at elicit material online...=P The really sad part is that my computer teacher would give us the password to the protection system thinking that we could be trusted...rahahahahahahhahahahaa
  11. try checking out the source code for war ftp and seeing if it is possible to port it to dos (it is w32)...if anything you would get a good view at some working ftp proggy source code. (I am using it for my ftp server software)
  12. my ftp at *SORRY REMOVED*has 4 redhat books in it iirc try there logging on anonymously. (im also experimanting here to see if it works correctly)
  13. cool, i didnt know that i havent had a linux box in a while. pisses me off but once april comes i'll be happy. tax returns?
  14. apipa would probably handle the issuance of ip addy's...iirc or is apipa not on me?
  15. [engrish laughter] RAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!!!!! [/engrish laughter] oh, boy...thanks I need a few of those every year. can there be a cost savings? isnt most linux stuff that is used corporately free(there may be some costs for maintainance, programming, and upkeep but that has to be done with ms products too right?)...but isnt linux pretty much free at the corporate level? where as most windows software cost upwards of $400 per license for the server grade software.