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  1. Damn people, parse your shit. http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/6065/fixmezn0.jpg
  2. Na didn't mess with the blackberry but I'm gonna be here for like a week so maybe I'll drop by. To be honest I got a little bored at defcon so I didn't go back after the first day, I'm having fun now though so it's all good. Oh by the way, upside-down I have your friends belt not sure what you want me to do with that. I can mail it to you guys or something or you can let me keep it :-) Peace. --Edit-- Verbal it was nice meeting you man, sleep good.
  3. Alright well I'm crashing in southern Cali. tonight. I'll be there around noon'ish Friday. Probably hanging out with upside-down, whatever I'll figure it out.
  4. Uh I guess I'm still going. Just so you guys know I am a broke mofo so I'll be eating your left overs at any buffet we go to.
  5. Yeah I'm lost as to why this is in general hacking too.
  6. Wow man, you blow yer brother with that mouth? I was asking a fucking question, scuse me for not being up to par on your fucking h4x scale asshat. Probably shoulda posted in the n00b section. Jesus if this is the response i get for asking a question then y'all need to get laid and chill the fuck out. :-) Thanks for understanding.
  7. Your question is fucking retarded. Most of the skiddies that are busted don't have crazy hax0r skillz, they can simply read, copy and paste. Any government would be wasting their time employing anyone like that. That's not to say that everyone busted isn't smart but most aren't as intelligent as it looks like you are giving them credit for. I could go out right now and find a .mil running some telnetd to brute force if I managed a login would that make me super leet and eligable for government work? Stupid fucking questions.
  8. Thanks man and if you havn't noticed it looks like another was released yesterday(?). Affecting 2.6.X, anything pre apparently. http://milw0rm.com/exploits/2013 I'lll let you know if I see a patch I'm just a bit lazy. I'll probably give it a bit for the Gentoo devs to patch it up and update my kernel.
  9. Why use tor or proxies in general? If you're going to steal money you might as well setup a botnet with maybe 2500 compromised boxes and write some simple software to act as if they are browsing to your site at any random period in the day. Make sure you keep your site updated with usefull info as not to make anyone suspicious and you're good. Rake in a few hundred a month. Obviously I don't advise this though.
  10. Whoah Eggman long time no see man. How are things? Get on IRC some day, I don't have a msn client to use these days. I finally got a job too man.
  11. Why? If I remember correctly the feds just drove around the Lowe's parking lot until they spotted everyone in their car messing around on the network. I have a feeling spoofing your MAC wouldn't have done much. I don't know if anyone actually read that diagram but it's sort of cool. Whoever whipped it up put a lot of work into it.
  12. Yeah I know, I'm late and this has been out for a bit. I still thought it was worth mentioning. http://milw0rm.com/exploits/2005 I'm not on my box as much as I should be anymore, I catch things at the last minute. Anyway make sure you're all patched up. Keep your box happy. -- Linux kernel 2.6.13 <= 2.6.17
  13. IRC

    It's down, just give it time. It's up and running as of now.
  14. I've always wanted to see an angry mob of people break into a secret military base but it would be just as sweet to see like 500 people breaking into a central office and finding out what is actually going on in that room.
  15. How the fuck am I most like Windows 95? That OS can go die if it hasn't already.