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  1. try <td valign="top"> content </td> <table width=100% border=1> <tr><td width=75% valign="top"><font size=8 color=silver>News, Updates and ETC.</font></br> Up and running punks. </td> <td width=25%> <center><font size=8>Donate</font> <img src="about:blank" height=300 width=100% alt="PayPal Stuff"> Countdown to launch</br> Current Funds </td> </tr> </table>
  2. can someone please help me. i'm trying to display a string of test of the screen as a marquee using assembly language and can't seem to find any sort of information on how to do this. any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  3. you the same gamer from back at depthvision?
  4. thanks guys, i'll do some testing on this bsd box and see how the result turn out.
  5. which is better at doing packet shaping and qos? our company have recently opened up a wisp and we need a way to manage our subscriber's bandwidth. at this point i'm leaning more towards the openbsd solution, however with linux i can enlist the help of people who are far more exprienced than me(openbsd would have me up shit creek without a paddle). could someone please give me some advice on which is a better solution in the long run (security, stability, preformance, etc.) -thanks
  6. i agree. i'm totally new to openbsd and i'm not too familar with linux either, but the documentation is really good when it comes to setting up you system to do certain task like setting up a gateway and quality of service.
  7. hi guys, i need a really simple mail list manager, so that i can divide our company email accounts into two groups : one for staff and one for customers. i also want to automatically send a payment reminder every month to the customers. anyone know of a good and secure sofware/script that i can use. -thanks
  8. don't you need a router to get you where you're going
  9. it worked . i gotta write this down
  10. thanks alot, all the packages that i needed were right there.
  11. hi guys. i'm planning to install kde desktop for openbsd, i've read the notes over at and they seem pretty straight forward, however when i go to i can't seem to find a package for openbsd plus there are so many links that i don't know where to start looking.
  12. thanks for your help, i'll try it to see how it works.
  13. hi, could someone please tell me how to access my cd rom with openbsd. -thanks
  14. windowsXP, windows 2003, CentOS, Red Hat Corp 4. in that order. FreeBSD here i come :devil:
  15. i think i'll convert to freeBSD, i heard it's really great