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  1. http://www.cs.usask.ca/resources/tutorials...epts/index.html They're not all that in depth but they are usually enough to wet your lips
  2. I practically swear by mininova.org
  3. Not true, I have a mullet and listen to country : P
  4. I do believe that theres one in the 'Win32 Port of Unix Utilities' found at My Geek Space. mygeekspace.com - Rare Downloads
  5. I vote for OpenBSD for the *nix of this koh game ;P
  6. SoftIce Tutorial I found this tutorial for SoftIce 3.0. Thats about as much as I can help you
  7. Files.Lt I myself haven't really looked into this thing in detail, but i thought it might be useful. *Edit* I know this might be though of as a link to 'Warez', but i though of it as a tool to find certain files that may be hard to find using conventional search engines