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  1. Midterm? In October? Yikes, hope that went well. It's not that my university blocks things so much as they say, "If ports are closed and they don't need to be opened unless for academic purposes, we will not help you." They suck like that. But the VPN has been working well for me so far, torrents and games are no longer a problem.
  2. Last year I was furious at my university's internet policy which is, "If those ports won't help you academically, then we don't give a sh!t". I was unable to play games on Steam, games through my web browser (eg. Quake Live), ext. A friend exposed me to VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks. He gave me a login name and password and I've been able to successfully bypass every filter my place of education wished to throw at me. I'm posting this thread for two reasons: (A) I wish I knew of this sooner. My hopes are that maybe someone will find this thread or relay this information if they have a desire to get around network standards. ( I would like to know more information about VPNs (good experiences, bad experiences, someone telling me that I'm an idiot for using a VPN for "x" reason). I did a search and didn't see much on them, so let's hear it.
  3. So I live in a dorm, and I've noticed that students sharing the wireless network at school appear under the "Shared" section of my iTunes. For example, I can click on "John Smith" and listen to their entire iTunes, as long as they remain connected to the internet. I'm assuming that our computers are shared in various other ways, since I can access .mp3 files on their computer without being confronted with any security. What else is shared? What else on their computers am I likely to have access to? If I have access, how can I access said files? Just a thought.
  4. How about for Mac Books?
  5. http://c0dingm0nk3y.blogspot.com/2005/04/w...omain-name.html As for what would I want to do with an IP, nothing imparticular. Just curious as to what the information I have is limited to. What knowledge could I potentially gain from someone's computer from my end? <--I'm sure thats limitless, you don't have to elaborate
  6. So, lately I've been playing around with retrieving IP's and open ports, using NMap, from some buddies of mine. Just curious as to, 'Now what?' What exactly can be done with such information? I'm quiet curious :]
  7. It talks about lights and beeps, I posted in the red light/long beep combo in an earlier post. Ill give what you said a try a little later tonight, I'm going to try and install my old 450W PSU tonight as well.
  8. Voltage is set at 150, which I beleive is right for the US. I'm not sure about the fuses, how could I check? I was told never to open your PSU
  9. As I said in my first post, all they say is that this indicates 'StandBy' or 'Down'. The don't tell you the cause of this, a solution to fixing this, or anything else on this problem.
  10. I'm 100% positive there coming from the PSU, it says it comes with that feature on the box. Theres about 3 beeps per second, and they dont stop. All in the same tone, although the first beep is not. Still have no idea how to get it out of standby, and there customer support is horrid. Just trying to get this PC going :/
  11. Ok, so I bought alllll my parts to my new PC, and I just finished putting it al together. My new powmax 300W+300W power supply is giving me two red lights in the back, with a long series of beeps. The box claims that this means the PSU is on Stand By, or is Down. How can I fix this? The only reason I'm not posting my specs is because I'm not sure that its necessary.
  12. BIG problem now.. the whole thing shut off and it started smelling like smoke o_O lol i think im a gone-er..
  13. It doesn't spin at all when I plug it back in, its as if its receiving no power. Whats a controller card?
  14. Hey binrev, just had a little trouble with one of my hard drives and I was wondering if I could fix this. I have a 320GB Western Digital SATA hard drive that I've had for about 4 months now. It's been working great, no problems at all. However, I'm very impatient, and when I want to unplug or re-plug my hard drive into my computer, I don't shut down to do so. I plugged my HD into my computer today (while my computer was on) and in turn i see a blue spark, my computer restarts itself, and now my HD wont start up at all. Anything I can do to fix this drive? It has 200GB's worth of important stuff on there. *I'm on my other 80GB HD at the moment, thats the one that has my OS on it.
  15. well xof7, I use ventrilo and its ping is whats shooting up to 8,000 when it should be under 20. I have a Linksys Router, but I have an ethernet cable connected from it to my PC. Only two other PC's in use, both pretty much idle though. This came all of a sudden, its not like it gradually just started to suck. Its unfortunate, I'm considering restarting my router, and then calling my ISP. Not sure what else to do.