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  1. I get back from the UK on the 9th and this is on the 10th so I am not sure if I will go or not, been gone for 5 months and I doubt my family will let me get away with leaving again the day after I get back. Had a couple people invite to drive me since I sold my truck before I came over to england....I dont know maybe I can sneak away and come.
  2. Definitely a nice live cd. It gets my vote. I really like the graphical shell it presents you with to start with instead of throwing you into kde or something.
  3. Here you go....if you can read german. If not give the links at the bottom a try in google language tools or something. 569_Paper_HackingTomTomGo.pdf
  4. No big surprise really. Whats worse you can find these cameras pretty easily online yourself. Thats just the tip of the ice berg. They are going through and replacing the old cctv cameras with new....IP...based cameras..kind of defeats the purpose of "cctv" CLOSED cirtuit television. That being said, here is someting else some of you might like. A major company that makes these cameras Axis, http://www.axis.com/ You can download firmware, tools for using the cameras, and read all the manuals on their site. For free
  5. If you call, microsoft states that no personal information will ever be required from you. All you have to do is say hey, Im instlaling xp on a system and the activation code is not working. The nice lady who is working for some unknown company that microsoft hired to take your calls will give you a new one, and thats that, relatively painless.
  6. I will be there tommorrow morning, I was supposed to be staying with vooduhal and stanky buuuuut guess not now, my bud steve is going so guess I will be with him, it was fun last year, hope its better this year. See you all there
  7. I will be there again for sure. Im roughly an hour away.
  8. hping is indespensable.
  9. Try www.infosecwriters.com it is a fairly new site, and has some good submissions. Other than that you can always go to http://neworder.box.sk it is also a decent source for everything. I always have more if you want
  10. Athlon XP2500+, 100gb XP Pro and Slackware 9.1 and whenever i get off my ass and put them together: Celeron 700, 20gb, running Debian 3.2 Athlon Tbird 1.2ghz, 40gb, running Redhat 9
  11. I looked at this a while back, I was thinking more along the lines of http://www.cia.gov/employment/jobs/technic...ations_off.html.
  12. I would recommend watching Aestetix's presentation at phreaknic on AI. Phreaknics site is, phreaknic.info and Aestetix has his own site at aestetix.net
  13. Can't wait to get it myself. I have tried getting blacklisted411 around here and no one seems to have it. I went to borders books and they called corporate and said they don't even carry it, that means the only other major book store (B&N) is like 1 hour away from here..hope they have it.
  14. Definitely if any, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. That is by far the best book written if you are curious about exploit techniques, and how they are accomplished, and a friend of mine helped in the making of that book, so all the more reason to get it!
  15. Printed copy raven, it was only like 13 dollars paperback at a local bookstore. I meant to post this in linkz, but oh wll, I realised where i posted it after the fact...oh well.