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  1. Debian squeeze is confusing me because it's not the fluffy ubuntu linux I'm used to.

  2. Greetings from Scotland people, where the sun, is actually out today! Blink and you will miss it. I always think it's just polite to sign up and say hello before you go hunting through somebody else's board. I found this place through listening to Defcon podcasts. I've always been interested in tech since I was a kid and over the last few years I took the plunge, ditched windows and fell more and more in love with linux, then I fell in love with VPSs and just building them and having them do cool things. I have two friends in the States who would occasionally say "you're such a hacker" to me, but I didn't really know what they meant to be honest. So I went a looking. Then I found out that hackers weren't really what I thought they were... boy the media really loaded that word didn't they? So I've been teaching myself tech skills and reading and learning. Then I found the Defcon talks which blew me away. Finally the Raspberry Pi I ordered arrived and I was telling my friend in the States on Skype that I got round not having a monitor with a HDMI connector by making myself, what I would call, an old composite cable out of an old nintendo cable when my friend said again "you're such a hacker"! So at that point I gave up and thought I would make a start at joining some kind of community. So I searched around, and kept coming back to this line about the "hacker ethic" I found on Wikipedia. So that is the short version of what brought me here. There's probably a lot more to say but that's enough for now. I'm looking to learn, consolidate some skills and maybe contribute to some sort of project... I don't know... just playing with the Pi has brought back a lot of the feelings I had when I was a kid and we got a bbc micro in our school, so I'm thinking I might do something based around that. Anyway top site, nice to meet you all.