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  1. well i heard of wine, i wouldnt mind using it but what are the pros and cons?
  2. can i still use some of my old software if i load Fedora as my new OS? i heard that it is a very forgiving operating system in regards to hardware but will i still be able to play games like The Sims or Doom?
  3. his connection is a relay of mine we use the same usless email address were both lazy
  4. they are over 5 yrs old, i dont need them anymore. (ones mans trash is another mans treasure....hopefully). i dont have a set price, make an offer. the parts are: ~a 4.3gb hard disk by samsung currently set to master. instructions on label. still has old system os with critical errors (win xp) forgot to format it, but you can do it yourself. no cables included. ~powerman power supply dusty but still good. 115v - 230v. ~56k modem/fax card. no drivers but company label still on there. be resourceful like i was ~cooling fan for proccessor ~50x cd drive, not a burner but can play music well. only cable thats included is the sound cable. ~fried motherboard w/proccessor and heat sync (with clip) well not toatally friend, the input for mouse and keyboard need to be fixed, willing to sell this one cheap...real cheap. ~if you want the proccessor itself, cyrix mIIv brand. 95mhz 2.2v so yea make an offer here on the board or leave me a message. im not asking to much jus what it would be worth plus shipping to where ever it is you are. and i dont have the patience to do it through ebay.
  5. roomies, same connection diffrent comp
  6. i havent gotten the code yet, im still waiting on it. i got the confirmation code but thats about it. i just read the fine print. it might take a week to get the actual code.
  7. that i understand, but how? not tryin to get malicous, just try to hack my buddy social retard.
  8. me an my buddy social retard r trin to learn more about our pcs so i got his ip adress and id like to know how can i use that to explore his pc, anyone? after fishing in google, i learned about telnet... how good will that be to me?
  9. i just did this, and unfortunatly its only free for a year, still...
  10. ok im gonna try linux out, but id like to know more about duel booting, cuz if i like it, id love to install it on the computer i use now without losing windows
  11. well to have it, i need a boot program, and as far as a windows user like me knows, that cost bux
  12. id love to use linux, just never had the money to have it installed, and not many worthy people here in bumsfuckville, rhode island that do.
  13. so i have this really crappy box from a couple years ago, and id like to restore it. i got new parts for it and everything but then when a "friend" said he was gonna let me have a boot disk for xp, he wussed out. so now i need the os, wich i have on the box that im using now, but what files do i need to back up and run on the other box (wich has no system at all)?
  14. sweet thanx!
  15. Yeah, I really wanna stop every five minutes to go through all the menus to search for a hotspot. A good wardriving tools would be one that would keep scanning and alert me if it found anything usefull. Mind if I just slap you instead? ← byte me, how much fancy-ness do u xpect from a video game tool. dont like it? write your own program.