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  1. I remember when colorado had the same laws, only it was anywhere in public - not just around women or children. Boulder Colorado specifically, a judge had to write a cease and desist order to the cops for writing the profanity tickets because the court dockets were getting overloaded. Never heard anything more on that though.
  2. Stank, I got a pair of those glases with an Elsa video card, i think it was the Winner II 3D card to be precise. [edit] I think I should mention that they were free with that video card [/edit] They did kick much anus. My only problem is I wear glasses and they didn't fit over the glasses to well. Not sure how that brand works, but the glasses I had only kicked in when Direct3d kicked in, i.e. a game. But there were hot keys to turn them on or off. $100 seems about average for those things, so I guess it's up to you if you think you'll get the use out of them, or you just have $100 to throw down on a nifty novelty. Do your research first though, i remember on my pair they didn't work quite right because of sync problems with the monitor. They prefer 100hz refresh for best quality, but require a minimum of 85hz, lower than that you'll get a "flicker" in the lenses while the 3d image slows or speeds up to sync with the refresh rates.
  3. Instead of asking "how can I hack this", you should be asking "how can I learn more about this". [edit] my bad, I read something while half asleep and responded to it, you did ask for info to learn about it, not just how to do it [/edit] Hacking is more of a state of constant learning and testing - if you know rather intimately how something works you can spot back end weaknesses or even just plain ol' phuck ups. To hack websites, I suggest learning about PHP, Java, Javascript, IIS, Apache, CGI, Pearl, SQL, Oracle, and other web technologies. Sounds a bit overwhelming, eh? You're never going to read a magic text file or guide and be able to hack any website. Granted I haven't read too much of the file posted above, that's due to laziness (it's a bit long ) In most cases in the process of learning these technologies there will be "security hints" or "common mistakes" sections which you'd be surprised how often they work. The key here is to learn about what you're doing, hacking will come second nature if it's in your nature. I also agree with Zapper and Bi0s, please be careful of what you're doing and who you're doing it to. Weblogs keep very detailed info about your info, and some of the more comercial sites may even drop cookies that can retrieve more info than just your IP - not something to do haphazardly or with malice in mind. I hope this helps you, and happy learning. [edit] Sorry about the preaching. Here's some excellent sites to get started though. www.devshed.com - web developing articles and forums includes Apache, IIS, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Java, C++, CGI etc. www.phpbuilder.com - php based articles and forums www.mysql.com - mysql main website - online documentation and limited tutorials www.webmonkey.com More design - includes HTML and written in easy to understand language - owned by Hotwired/Lycos [/edit]
  4. haha! Finally a use for those ultra small X10 wireless cameras......just to see the faces of the thieves when the stereo is forcibly taken over and they have no control and me yelling obsenities at them. That would truthfully be priceless. But, seriously, I think it would be feasible, but not in any commercial sense of the word....it'll probably be more along the lines of car mp3 player's back about 3-4 years ago when all you could do was go online and look for mp3linux and get a cheap laptop. I dont know, I've got some ideas if it works out I'll share how i did it.
  5. Hehe, onstar makes me sick! Well the advertising anyway. although they did make me think of a few things. I'm working on figuring a way out to use the ultra-tiny gps chips (that can go anywhere, no standardized place) the cell network and the car stereo to devise a user-run on-star like service that will tell you via the web where your car is at any given time, and if you wake up and your car is gone you can just call your car up and scream into the fone "turn the fuck around beotch" or something similarly appropriate. Also you'd have the advantage to just call the cops and say "um yeah, my car was stolen, it's heading south on I-10 at about the 213 mile marker, could you stop it arrest the assholes and bring me my car". All without some "big brother" corporation deciding when and how to use the features of the service. Testing to see the feasability of it though.
  6. Well, I hope this goes well for you, here's my info: OS Windows XP Pro Utilities: Disk Defragmenter(MS), Wordpad/Notepad, Calculator Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Pagemaker, Martin Hash's 3D Animator E-mail - IE(webmail/yahoo) outlook express Browsing: IE6, Netscape, Opera Chat: Trillian (for all, IRC/AIM/Yahoo!/MSN) Multimedia: Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime Player Utilities: WinISO, Nero Burning Rom, WinRar, Alladin Stuffit, WinZip, Ad-aware(anti-spyware) Games: Unreal Tournament, GTA3
  7. Not to play devils advocate here stank, that's an awesome way to look at things. But, companies would argue that a properly trained security professional costs way too much to keep on staff and they dont do anything they percieve as being productive (no attacks today, the network is still up, the site's still up) they would much rather get rid of them, but the media does sell them the idea that businesses are "targets" of malicious and talented hackers. If they all stopped today, the industry would probably fade away. But that's like asking a town with 0% crime to fire the police department. It most likely wont happen and 0% break-ins or attacks will just mean the industry gets to show how "effective" they are.
  8. of course, It'd have to be a kickass meeting that I had to miss. Well good news is I'm mobile so I'm no longer dependant on mass transportation So I'll definately be out next month. Great news there rax. Now I have to find ye olde radio so that I may listen to your show Will be downloading the few that you got on your site.
  9. Just a reminder for you folks out there that vegged out for the holiday break. 2600 meeting tonight! Not sure if I'll make it, but i'm busting my ass to try tonight!
  10. That's kinda cool. But I guess it's because I've noticed you're listed on yahoo and other search sites as being a hacker group.
  11. I forgot to post about l0pht as well. They were quite kick ass. They rank fairly high in my book, not quite sure about the "greatest of all time" title, but worth mentioning at any rate.
  12. Woz all the way guys. You also forgot to mention the fact that he invented Basic - afterall what good is a computer if it doesn't do anything? But greatest hacks of *all* time, I would have to put my vote on Michelangelo(sp?) That guy there was about 500 years ahead of his time. But i think you guys were looking for a little more modern. I dont know, I'd have to go with a group on this one and say the LOD hackers. I remember reading about them in some book a few years back, something about cutting off an entire continents telecomunications seems rather impressive (If I remember correctly it was Africa they cut off) But it now that I think about it I'm kinda skeptical, I've read about it in that book and a few websites that also spoke of the legends of evil hackers too so, no clue on that one.
  13. Yes, happy new year everyone! I dont know if I can get drunk enough to truly *enjoy* corporate radio - but hey, here's to trying
  14. I agree, awesome work there Bi0s!
  15. well personally I liked 2.8. Sonique was another really cool mp3 player, but the reason I'm not using it now is because searching through large playlists was a bitch and a half. On the mac I prefer vamp....if it's still around anymore, it's just a small window that displays the time and levels if you really want them there, otherwise everything is keyboard shortcut for just about anything, and from the file menus you can go through the playlist - although a large playlist would be a real bitch and a half - but vamp was mac only. Well, winamp 2.8 was good enough for me, I upgraded to 3.0 which I'm kicking myself for now. And screw the fact that AOL OwNz it - so far they're keeping it free with no spyware/adware which are good things in todays free software market (read: free windows software market) [edit] forgot to mention I never registered winamp, and considering who's collecting the info, I never will [\edit]