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  1. Go download utorrent, then do
  2. haha everyone press control W
  3. The first link I clicked, GUI Programming with Python, Came up empty.
  4. I have Time warner. Internets fine for me :]
  5. I'm pretty sure this would go in the Phreaking forum.
  6. Google this little thing called 'autoit' Super simple and it gives an idea on how programming works.
  7. wow, didnt realize it was 40$ :\
  8. You can buy em now. No point in making it excpet that good feeling you get when you make something useful.
  9. When hackthissites forum changed, I wanted a new one. I think I found the link to here on hackthissites forum, too...
  10. I made him do a loop, then a frontflip over a gap. Biznotch.
  11. For simple stuff like keyloggers ( and some harder things ) I recommend a Language called 'Autoit' Site - Forum -
  12. It's not abnormal to want[/] to. It's abnormal to actually do, though.
  13. Why the hell did you click on it?
  14. Crap. I didn't know you could look at the e-mails... I should read instructions better. I got 50% because of it.
  15. In the future, use a USB drive with portable firefox. All your info stays with you and only you.