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  1. Why should the rural carriers change all their rules because the carriers want to offer an "all you can eat" plan? The simple fact is that Google is playing the system by blocking the "deregulated" side of their service. Magic Jack is even worse, on some dials on Magic Jack you hear music or get dropped into a "Magic Jack Similar service" like a conference. But the law must catch up with the technology, personally from my perspective, I think the Gov't should keep their fingers out of Internet and what goes over it this includes VOIP, let Google block the numbers. I am sure it's a small part of the business anyways. --John
  2. HA, but unlike PDX we actually have a service. I guess Matt's thought when he posted was, out of all the people that could cause us bridge downtime it would be you guys. I mean look at Greatcalling. You guys took that and made a mess of it in a real hurry. Which is exactly what we wanted. So as always. Whenever I have something new I always post it here. I can guarantee this is not a PDXUSA just look at my post history you will see. --John
  3. Hey everybody, I am sorry about the double post. My friend hijacked my username and password and posted it. I just wanted to let everyone know I just setup this conference bridge to support gtalk,gizmo,and sip uri so you can connect to the conference via voip so you don't have to worry about burning up your cell phone minutes or paying long distance. Also Let me know what you think. We have spent a year developing this project! You can see how to connect via voip --John
  4. Well I am glad you like it. The whole system is based off of Asterisk and Linux which has worked great thus far. We did however have to write a considerable amount of custom applications and modify a lot of other things in order to get it all to work just right. You really have to Sign Up and log in to see the conference bridges web interface to really appreciate it.
  5. Over the past year and a half, my partners and I have been working on creating an asterisk based conferencing solution that can hold an incredible amount of callers. We designed the web interface to be easily managable while still offering full control. We even created a .mobi site for monitoring conferences. We want to give people the chance to see our equipment so we are offering free telephone conference calling on our sample bridge. In order to use it, just go to and sign up for a free account., PLEASE USE and ABUSE THIS ALL YOU WANT, I figure you guys would be the best ones to really put it through its paces.
  6. It is expensive to call 800 numbers from pay phones some companies charge more then 1.00 to terminate a call from a payphone.
  7. It's not our service. Pretty much the only things I run is and (coyotephone is not quite done yet) --John
  8. There is also another free site that gives free calling to like 52 countries Just thought you would like to know. --John
  9. Hey everyone, I know this is not relevent to Old School Phreaking, but I act like it's my job to post on here when Tony and I come out with something new. You all have been here since the beginning.... Tony and I created free dialup internet you dial up to an 800 number right now we have it limited to 5 hour connection and 10 minutes of inactivity. So don't flame me if you think this is not relevant (it's sort of phone relevent (you can also use the old address) --John
  10. Nevermind someone beat me to posting how to do it. --John
  11. has anything changed on your system?? Try recompiling and see if that fixes it. --John
  12. Hey everyone, Not sure how many people follow Tony's and my asterikast videos but we have episode 3.0 ripe for the pickin. The part that will be probably most interesting for everyone will be how Tony and show how to get a free G.729 codec. Anyways you can download it at Also Tony and I have a conference setup at 712 432 9940 you can enter ANY conference number you would like so it should be pretty confidential. --John
  13. Please Link away --John
  14. We will take all the free advertising we can get!!! Thanks for the support! --John
  15. We no longer do callingcards. --John