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  1. Read This
  2. Thinkpad T500 would be a good choice. Also try this for a external Wifi Adapter. Other than that, I think wardriving is a waste of time. It's like driving around looking for a restaurant with no driving directions..only you don't even know the name of the restaurant. Choose ONE good target and focus your attention/effort on that instead of wasting gas. (Unless of course you are driving around as apart of one of those "Access point mapping" projects)
  3. I've also done the same thing as ^^ Seal. I used to search for keywords and file extensions like: *.xls *.doc etc. on the Gnutella network and found at least few dozen sensitive documents with personal information. (IE: Family will's, tax records, resumes, ss#'s , personal budgets)
  4. I am in the market for a new laptop and I am wondering if I should stick with the core 2 duo (Specifically Core 2 Duo T9600) or wait for this i7 processor every ones talking about..is this coming out this year or what? What do you guys think? Also, on a side note: Are there any significant performance improvements in 64-bit Linux ?
  5. Here, here, here and here. My point is, no one here can give a COMPLETE tutorial on ssh using basic commands as you mentioned....you just aren't looking hard enough or too impatient to read the FANTASTIC results google produces.
  6. You can't find a SSH in tutorial ON GOOGLE ?? Your joking right?
  7. They invented the cell phone.
  8. I like it. Clean and polished. (Some pictures/images wouldn't hurt though)
  9. Under linux, is it possible to install your programs (IE: Firefox, thunderbird, etc) INSIDE of a truecrypt volume? So you would have to Mount the volume everytime you need to use these programs?
  10. I tried it at work and it did not work. I rec. using a vpn/ssh
  11. Ive used PHPFile Navigator. But the others look fine also. BTW, Where are the servers LOCATED? Looks like a great deal. I see sweden/germany/usa as 'locations' but where is it exactly located? P.S: I really like AjaXplorer. Very neat.
  12. It's Decent. Meaning it looks clean BUT its very "Template-zy". (Insta-web-site type deals you can get via most hosts these days with joomla). I would personally remove the text-title (Awake Coding) and replace that top part with a nicely designed banner/graphic. Also, the orange-links-bar background would look MUCH better if you use a bit darker shade of orange so the white links are easy on the eyes. (Or conversely, the current links-bar background with black text links) You could also experiment a lot with the body area. (Ie: Using clean/polished icons for : comment/email/save etc right below your articles). Overall, its a good site. Meaning, you have a good structure to build upon/experiment with.
  13. In all practicality, and ignoring any application-level information leaks, it's nearly impossible to track anyone through Tor. Even if you somehow manage to run a majority of the nodes yourself and try to put all the traffic back together, it's still going to be pretty difficult. Tor is a good tool for anonymity, use it. Unless someone has compromised the exit node correct? Anyway, in my experience, TOR is slow as shit. I would rather use a paid VPN of somesort.
  14. I got this email recently: Hello GrandCentral User, We are happy to announce that GrandCentral has been upgraded and is relaunching as Google Voice. While not yet open to the public, we wanted to give you, our GrandCentral users, the first opportunity to start using Google Voice. In addition to the GrandCentral features you already know, we've added voicemail transcription, SMS support, conference calling, Goog411, enhanced spam protection and low-priced international calling. We have also integrated GrandCentral with your Google Account and your Google Contacts list. To upgrade your account to Google Voice, just log in to your GrandCentral account and follow the directions at the top of your inbox. Upon upgrading, your GrandCentral number, PIN, and forwarding phones will be moved to Google Voice. Note that since Google Voice uses the Google address book, your GrandCentral contacts will not be imported automatically. You can import your GrandCentral address book with these instructions. You will also need to recreate any individual/group settings and greetings. After you upgrade, all your new voicemails will be accessible at Google Voice, while all prior messages will remain available at GrandCentral. Thanks for being a great GrandCentral user and we hope you enjoy Google Voice! Best, Craig, Vincent, and the Google Voice team Also Check: 15 Ways That Google Voice Can Ring Your Bell Kind of crazy... google is literally taking over the world. In the next 50 years I bet google will have 90%+ total data available. This service is great though, I just logged into the new GoogleVoice and I am very impressed at the direction they are going with this. The interface looks very much like gmail. I think this has the potential to kill skype (Ie: being able to make free nationwide calls + conference without a computer...directly from your phone) I am also looking at these two services (not free): CallCentric & InPhonex
  15. not sure about uk but as far as i remember in a topic about some woman being arrested for destroying some guys account, on maplestory for breaking up with her, was arrested in amsterdam? apparantly whatever country saw virtual property, to be the same as real property. but probably every country that has mass amounts of computers I personally hope these guys are smart enough to NOT get caught. Obviously the guy/guys spent a tremendous amount of time engineering this beautiful piece of work and even if this creates a lot of destruction, I hope they don't talk too much within their closed group and get busted. +1 from me.
  16. I don't get it, why would they even seize his kids' iPods and their gaming consoles? This seize is obviously super damageable in every way, I'm sure they could have found a better to "solve" the unpaid bill problem than financially destroy the guy like that. They take that stuff because some people will hide things on the families stuff. It is a stupid thing but some people think that no one will find their stuff there. Now Why they take power strips is beyond me. ANYTHING digital (Ie: Phones, MP3 Players, cameras, SD Cards, USB sticks) can/has to be seized according to their standard protocol. (Sneaky people can hide data anywhere)
  17. I've tried IntelliTamper on windows before.
  18. I've dealt with 4pcb, they are pretty reliable and makes good quality boards.
  19. IMO, Wardriving is played out.... It used to be cool 3-5 years ago but I honestly do not see the point driving around wasting your gas looking for random access points. If you really want to [break into/break encryption] of a wireless network, then target a specific network and mess with it discreetly. As for dealing with cops, I doubt they can confiscate your laptop without a warrant/court order (not to mention 99.99% cops don't know shit about computers, so very easy to make up some bullshit story). Usually these statements will get you out of a conversation with the police if delivered correctly: Officer: blahblahblah You: Are you detaining me? Officer: No, I am just asking a question blah blah You: So if you are not detaining me, am I free to go? Officer: no You: so you ARE detaining me? Officer: No You: So I am free to go? Standard question loop.
  20. :: CNBC Special Report: Big Brother, Big Business Technology is being used to monitor Americans more than ever before Was anyone able to rip this ? It was aired on CNBC on NOV 1st. If anyone happens to have this in their mythtv box or somewhere, Im sure alot of people will appreciate if you could up it to youtube/google video/or some torrent site..I really want to see it for curiosity sake...if anyone has even seen it, anyone wanna post comments? Johnny long was also featured on it....also here is the link for the BBC Radio special on "Identity Theft" Johnnly long is also featured in there, along with a mention of Defcon. Linky Link Thanks
  21. Starting about...3 months ago, I started to take passwords pretty seriously....95% of my passwords/online accounts are very very strong...so strong that I do not remember any of them I run my portable firefox directly from my MP3 player and I use KeyPass + It's built in generator to generate and store passwords....plus I have all those files (Portable Apps etc) in a encrypted volume in my MP3 player..and my MP3 player is with me 99% of the time.... So, I would rec'mnd using KeyPass if you want to use super strong passwords.....and portable firefox also helps
  22. Oh yea..this one works...If you need any help with the PCB/Circuit I'll try to help out...it's fairly simple....MUCH MUCH easier and less complicated than the SMT Wavebubble circuit......I put mine in my electronics box due to paranoia... I keep thinking cops are after me..sigh :| But seriously...don't get caught with shit like this. P.S: For the PCB you can just use a radio shack board
  23. This can actually be to your advantage if you think about it....(unless you already got tons of details about you thats not appealing). If you were half smart, (and you got a bad past/nasty habits to hide) you would setup some sites/profiles online that would be appealing/impressive to your future employers... P.S: Oh yea...you can always setup a Google Alert,..so that you are notified as soon as something distasteful about you hits the internet.
  24. Thats awsome This is exactly what I thought...I say build a WaveBubble (google it) I started the drawing the schematics on pcb a few weeks ago.....I work on it like 1hr/wk....one cool fuckin project.
  25. When I need to use bit-torrent I just use a SSH Tunnel....gets the job done. You could also just pay for/sign up for a USENET account and you'll get FAAAST http speeds on downloads (be it music/wah-rez/etc), I've tried this as well...canceled it because of costs. If you want to use a 'cover' when downloading, just steal someone else's school account..very easy in univ's, just don't be a asshole and mess with their shit.