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  1. so, a few of my associates and i were discussing the limitations of our school computers, namely that we cant boot linux directly from startup off of the disk. of course, we could simply run a virtual machine, but nope. the worst idea so far has been to use a thumb drive w/ linux and RAID it to the hard drive. our computers are running windows 2000, im not even sure if it supports RAID. so don't say that. unless you can make it work. in a nutshell, we'd just like to brute force (or something more sneaky) some allocated space (be it the actual hard disk or an external memory thingy pretending to be part of the hard drive), then partition it as needed, and run Debian. maybe include a "self-destruct" feature, so we can wipe all our shtuff off automatically. one more thing, any help with bypassing the network user limitations would be greatly appreciated. some computers can't even right click. i have no idea how the school peoples accomplished that. knowing our school, they prolly just had the janitors sabotage each mouse physically. thanks, -53