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  1. What is the difference between an RF signal generator and a function generator other than frequency? Is it only the fact that an RF signal generator ONLY can create a sine wave?
  2. Get your amatuer radio license. There really isn't any need to broadcast illegaly once you find out the things you can do legally. Trust me, you will be suprised. But if you want to tinker, a good start are the ARRL handbooks. ARRL is the American Radio Relay League and most of the books have very good projects. They are published every few years and can be picked up on Amazon for very little.
  3. I posted this either on this forum or another, about a year ago. Since then I have not done anything with it but I do have some docs that might be useful. TI had a development kit and board they were GIVING away for a while too.
  5. Our problem is that we don't know how to 'fake' a motherboard with this power supply. We have 2 connections to the motherboard, The first connector has; ground, ground, -12v, +12v, +5v, and power ground on the second one we have; +5v, +5v, +5v, -5v, ground, ground We found something online that said powerground turned to +5v when voltage stabilized, so we tried grounding it, and we tried connecting it to -5v. Before that we had read it wrong and connected it to +5v, which resulted in the fan turning on, and the lights turning on for about 5 seconds, then it just shut down. I'll get pictures the next time my room mate is in, cause I aint gots no camera. Here Droops gave a good link too. As long as you know the wires that were connected to the board, you "trick" the supply by putting in a resistor. You DO need to double or triple check the wires though and that is why I posted the link. It goes into a little more depth on which wires you need to isolate. If you don't get the right ones, you can blow out the power ( since you don't have a fuse). Otherwise it will keep turning off automatically.
  6. Bell Labs: Life in the Crown Jewel Bell Labs: Life in the Crown Jewel, Narain Gehani, Silicon Press, ISBN 0-929306-27-9, 2003, 269 pages, Hardcover, $29.95 (US Dollars) You can't talk about the Bell System and not include a massive section on Bell Labs. They gave us EVERYTHING.
  7. The main Bell Labs Holmdel complex is not the new Vonage building, but is in the same area. This is the Bell labs building : Bell Labs The new vonage building used to be owned by Prudential. The Bell labs building is down the Street in Holmdel. The large AT&T is another complex,it is actually in Middletown. It is one of the main ones in NJ other than the one in Florham park. Neither have anything to do with switches. The Bell labs building used to do alot of applied research. The guys that created UNIX and the remnants of thier Dept were sent to AT&T labs around 98' IIRC, then dissolved. Right now, nothing is going on at the Bell Complex, it is going to be torn down and everyone is shifting to Murray Hill. If you are in the area and want to get together (I live in town), I know the guys at the Bell Labs building, we could take a tour. Just send me a message. Actually, no one really works there now so you can just walk in anytime. I ussually meet with about 20 engineers that work(ed) there for lunch. The stories they will tell you are nothing short of amazing.
  8. I will be there.
  9. The old ARRL handbooks (American Radio Relay League) If you are looking for Digital circuits, the new editions are better for that. They are BIG books and cheap too. The "Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill This is actually a good book to read through. Its almost like a novel, probably the best of the best books I own. Anyone and everyone in electronics owns and read it, if not once but 10 times at least. You can probably buy at least 2 ARRL books and "Art of Electronics " on Amazon for $80 total. Definatly under 100 becuase I did.
  10. Too bad 666 is a mistranslation. Its supposed to be 616. Same thing with the word "Jehovah". Its a mistranslation into English from a Hebrew word that is supposed to be mispronouncable, hence the name of God. There are no "J"'s in Latin or Greek. It was spelled with an 'I' and the writers of the Kings James version of the Bible didnt know what to do so they basically made up a word. @greyfox you forgot every other hundred years.... 206,306, 1906,1806........Unless thats what you were getting at.
  11. Possiblly a "Laser"
  12. Friday again?
  13. Lets meet up this friday.
  14. OMG Lets discuss tomorrow.