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  1. I have updated Keyshanc to include a "Real-Time" option which would be suitable for Twitter, IRC, etc. It re-shuffles every minute using a Time-Based One-Time Pad (TOTP). Link: KeyshancRT @ac_reed
  2. My most recent blog post contains a demo of how a Keyshanc-enabled website might function. It decrypts keystrokes on-the-fly.
  3. Keyshanc (short for Keyboard SHA-based Encrypter) is my attempt to thwart keyloggers by using keyboard-to-application keystroke obfuscation. Keyshanc: This GitHub repo contains the source code for the Keyshanc function. Keyshanc Teensyduino: This GitHub repo contains the source code for my hardware prototype. I discuss Keyshanc in more depth on my blog. If you use it, or just think that it is a worthwhile effort, please +1 and Tweet it via my projects page and fork me on GitHub. @ac_reed