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  1. Ok guyz, here is a demo video of the stuff. Enjoy !
  2. It's a wardialer for windows-based computers using a cellphone. I guess you know what a wardialer is. See ya
  3. OK Gentlemen, lets restart from the really beginning. I aint mad at Jfalcon or anyone else at all, but dont like the arrogant way he tried to discriminate some of others work. Whatever he is on the scene for a long time and he is an elite hacker/phreaker/cracker or so on. I repeat for the last time, cause apparently, he didnt catch it, i am just "a friend of a friend" of the developper. Plus, the guy gave me the permission to talk about his piece of software before he release the stuff officially by uploading DEMO version with some HTML help. You are free to download it/take an eye on it, or not. We all living in democratic countries, so, do what you feel... I just wanted to help some of you by talkin about TelcoScan cause i knew many people was looking for a wardialer like this. I could've talked about it elsewhere, its not the problem. Anyway, i'll discuss with the coder to get him on this forum to answer questions if you have some i cant respond. Again, in my very humble opinion, if he wants to sell it, whatever the price will be, its his right. I know he is preparing several versions of the app (like Basic, Pro and Consultant), we have just to wait for the prices, then we will discuss about it at this time. Sincerely yours. @Ic0n : I'll bring him here, then you could discuss wit him about Android version/Testing. @Afterm4th : I got PhoneSweep Demo version if you want. @Beave : Hello !
  4. STOP to link me to this software ! I AINT THE CODER ! Told you, didnt tried Iwar, so i cant tell. You dont want to download it ? Okay, its your choice, but stop triyng to tell us "Guyz, i made my way, i'm an expert on this, this is bullshit..." or something like that. You really believe, in 2012, people cant scan/open it in an Hex editor/a debugger to see if its a virus a backdoor or whatever ??? You think they need you to tell 'em "Guyz, beware !" ? Are you fuckin serious ? Plus, politics got nothin' to do with this, okay ? I was pretty sure you'll tell some shit about my country, but hey... anyway... dont want to play this game with you. To close this case, speaking about Phonesweep, i tried it with my cellphone. It dont works. Strangely, TelcoScan works like a fuckin charm. Just to let you know... PhoneSweep cost several hundreds of dollars (just for response, your dollars worth nothin' aside euros, just to let you know again...), almost a thousand, just for the basic version, to make it "away from the hands of hackers". Give me a break... For the functionalities,as you probably know, a software can be upgraded... The developper do what he wants. If his desire is to sell his software or not, for one cent, one dollar or a million, its his choice... Stick with what you want, but stop acting "l33t h4x0r". You fuckin ridiculous...
  5. Okay, we have some confusions around here... First, i am not the developper of the software or the owner of the website. The software DONT emulate anything, it uses the AT commands to dial through the MODEM INSIDE the GSM. Me or the coder dont claim anything that the software dont do. It scans a range of numbers via the CELLULAR MODEM. Period. I really dont know why you talkin about POTS. We are talkin about wardialing from a cellphone, so, frankly, what the f*ck ? I think we got both confused about the modem description. You got an available demo to test the software if you are so skeptic.. Anyway, back in the days, cellular modems, was already built-in on some models. We got a really big problem here. Last, but not least, why do you mean about "creating a software modem" ? Stop being paranoid please...
  6. I mean analog modems. Those you can play with AT Commands (these smartphones contains GPRS functions anyways...). For ADB interface, is that you need third-party software/libraries, i think is not really a problem, we can eventually make some plugins for this. But the goal is to have an all-in-one software, with all functions readily available. But, we can take a look about this one. I'm pretty sure iWar got some cool functions (didnt tested it yet) and it can handle this, but TelcoScan's purpose is to scan with GSM only. That's why it had been made.
  7. Hello Amigos ! Ok, just to get back on this software. Anybody here could post some feedbacks or comments ? Plus, i discussed about the "real" mobile version of TelcoScan with the coder (as an Android app, directly on the phone). We have some things to take in count : - Nowadays, very few cellphones got "real" modems built-in. These smartphones got in fact just wi-fi/bluetooth/GPRS chips even if they are labeled having modem in them (that's just tethering functions to connect your computer with your smartphone to surf the web...). - We have to list manufacturers and their models that effectively got real modems in them (those you can connect to your comp, playing with AT commands using HyperTerminal or another Terminal software). From the developper point-of-view, it seems SAMSUNG is the only one manufacturer that still got real modems on some of their recent models. Obviously, he didnt tested all phones models from all manufacturers. So, if we can help him to build a cellphone-compatible list that works with TelcoScan, i think he'll be thankful for that. He already thanks you for the four-stars labeled topic ! See ya later, dudes.
  8. Delphi
  9. Was thinkin' about the same thing and the coder of the app also. The problem is he dont code in java to switch his app on Android. But he is thinking about "hiring" some co-developer for that. We have to stay tuned.
  10. Holla ! Just to let you know that a new application is on the market : TelcoScan Mobile ! This is an application to scan/wardial range of numbers from a GSM. Some friend of mine told me about a friend of his who was developping the stuff for a while. Not official release has been published, but a demo version is already available. You can find it at : www.nightfall-software.com/telcoscan Enjoy ! PS: The demo version has some limitations : - You can only scan ten numbers - You cant save a report - You cant use the functions except some minors options But hey, this shit is real ! See ya