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  1. hmm he did say he backed up all his files then destroyed them right? any ideas what he had on his box that was worth investigating?
  2. if you could find CAIN i would say use that. thats what used on my friends computer to get his admin account because he wanted firefox but his dad wouldnt let him download it.
  3. im doing sorta the same thing except i have this really old computer my school was throwin out that only has 24mb if ram. its so pathetic. i cant even put in a below decent graphics card in it. they however forgot to remove all their school security crap so is there a way to erase the harddrive without actually being able to get in? im pretty sure this doesnt work but could i just open it up and take out the memory sticks and put in new ones, or would i need a new motherboard?
  4. hey every1. ya i tweaked around with hacking a couple years back but put it on the side burner for a while when i couldnt find nething other then dos hacks and since i now use windows xp*tear* thats not very helpful. quick question tho. do i really need programming knowledge or linux to hack. i have sum c++ background and im learning HTML but my comp is retarded and cant fit a duel boot with linux.