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  1. I use TuTTY, a variant of putty made by a Russian guy. If you set the keyboard to at&t 513, it will pop up a message box asking if you are connecting to an AT&T product, say yes and it will set itself up just like avaya terminal emulator.
  2. That one's phone line sounds like it's picking up a radio station! Either that or I got a really bad trunk to Alaska. EDIT: 650-877-3585 is an ATIS system for an airport. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_terminal_information_service) Interestingly, it seems that most of the ATIS systems in use at major airports use DECtalk.
  3. Have you gotten C-LAN integration working? I personally haven't tried it yet. The instant transfers would be nice.
  4. Definitely a PBX, when I got that "reorder" after three impulses it flashed and I got hold music.
  5. What is the model number of the computer?
  6. Cool. If you want to modify a standard ATX power supply, I can provide voltage readings from a working dell if you need them, I think I have one from every generation in the past 20 years.
  7. Thoughtphreaker, Sorry for not replying sooner, life got in the way. Since my last post, I've reinstalled AUDIX several times, and tried many methods of beating the licensing system, to no avail. The damn voice system will never come up. As a last ditch effort, is there any chance you could send me an image of your system's hard drive? I could just write that image to a drive here, and have a known working set up. If you can't do that for whatever reason, maybe you could do a comparison of a fresh install vs your modified version? I'm still very interested in getting AUDIX working with my definity. Thanks.
  8. .cras says the voice system must be running, even after starting the dialogic card. Using your option file didn't do anything. I'd like to try to get back at this.
  9. dlstart does start it successfully. sell_chans says it updated the channels, but it doesn't really. I'm out of ideas here, maybe I could take your encrypted options files and put them on my machine. It's worth a try.
  10. Well, I messed around with some of the scripts (mainly feat_chg) and got this to happen. I also replaced parse_feat with your version. This is strange to me because on the "read only" screen it shows max voice ports as 0, but on the update screen it shows the max as 24. What is stopping me here? The "maximum voice ports 0" or the "maximum messaging application N/A"? What does yours show?
  11. I ran a trace on parcrypf, and it seems to access a couple of licensing files, but they just look like gibberish to me. It doesn't seem to write anything, and when running it it outputs nothing on the console. Let me know what you ended up doing, I really want to get this working. How do I install that service pack?
  12. I got the card today and put it in the machine, and the voice system still won't come up.
  13. Is it particularly picky about hardware? On a laptop and a VMware machine it installed just fine with a xwindows based installer, but on all of the desktops I've tried, (a pentium III, a pentium 4 and a core 2 duo) it boots into a text-based installer and asks me to insert the disk, like it can't read the CD, even though it accesses the drive, I have some more machines at another location that I'll have to try it on over the weekend. EDIT: I tried it with one last machine and it installed properly. Another edit: I installed the system, and then ran the autoinstaller on the CD. Everything installed properly and the GUI works, but the voice system won't stay up. Is that because there are no cards installed? Do I need any special configuration to get it working with the card you recommended with inband signalling? Another thing: the guide you posted says I need a TN746B line card, a regular 746 won't work because it is 24 volt instead of 48. Is that true in this case?
  14. Thank you! I'll do some messing around with it before I get the board.
  15. Ok, I've had a C-LAN card in the mail for a week, it's supposed to show up tomorrow. It's not totally clear to me how a definity and AUDIX are interconnected, does it just use analog lines plus a control channel of some sort to let the AUDIX know what voicemail box to serve up? I'd assume it uses coverage paths to get to voicemail, but how does it know what mailbox is being called? I'm looking forward to getting that ISO so I can get started.