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  1. This is some really juicy information. Linux Mint is currently at the top for downloads on Distrowatch. Everything just works out of the box, even my tablet which I use to draw, (I had to manually install it in Debian) Ubuntu is good also, but the Ubuntu team expects you to stay with them and never change, reason being if you buy anything from the software centre, you have to sign into their "Market" and buy it through them. So if you have the same App/Game and change distributions, it won't work, You still need the log in, to install it... From Ubuntu... Debian is another easy distro, people claim it's a bit more difficult than Ubuntu or Mint, I've used it for quite a long period and the only difference I notice, is that you need to add yourself to the sudoers files after installation, For some reason, the user account isn't added for root access. There are also a lot of libraries/dependencies missing. Other distributions are Pinguy OS (Never used it, heard it's good), Zorin OS (If you have a hard time looking at a Linux interface instead of Windows - choose this), Crunchbang ((Uses OpenBox, VERY fast OS, but I found it limited on what you could do with it (For a beginner anyway)) Hope this helps