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  1. Happy B-day!

  2. He looks unbanned to me.
  3. I signed up to this place like last year, so things could have changed. But I don't remember having to pass a challenge to sign up. Maybe you're doing something differently.
  4. What's wrong with those people? Suspended those guys just because they typed in the right password.
  5. I believe are good friend GIJoe figured it out. It works too. I tested it yesterday. The paper view was great, and free too.
  6. Can anyone instruct me on how to password protect the bios on my computer?
  7. awesome, awesome. heh, does anyone know the legality of this? :-p just wondering ya know... ← I'd say legally shakey at worst.
  8. Does that mean that the only eligible thing we can report is if we report an actual person using illegal software, not distributing? Edit: Scratch what I said before. I get it now. We can only be eligible if we report organizations using pirated software. Well, I geuss that excludes the type of stuff Matt reported.
  9. You can use it as an external hard drive. All you have to do is go to iPod Options in iTunes when you plug it in to your computer and click on the iPod tab. Then check the box that says "Enable Disk Use".
  10. What's up with piracy laws anyway?
  11. has the admin of the site answered back?
  12. hello, triman. the fcc sucks man.
  13. Maybe you could throw in = personal favorites out of this list
  14. Whoa, This guy really thought this out. He deserves a Coder Of The Month award, or something of that sort. Do you know how long this has been around?
  15. Ok, thank you for you help. Thanks to the rest of you too.