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  1. Bingo. This would be the way to go. Also, I'm almost positive that nothing said in a private forum can be considered libel. Thanks serrath and afterm4th, I am talking to lawyers in the UK and rexxfield in the US - but it's a question of raising the money to use them. If you look at, you will see that they can get subpoenas private site or not and also arrange libel suits private site or not. Despite the money question, I'll just have to raise a loan as there are plenty of other nasty things happening to me here that I won't discuss openly, but almost saw me killed a month ago. Thanks again for your answers. Regards, G.
  2. Hi Serrath, Thank you for your answer. If this course of action is illegal, can you suggest a method whereby it can be done legally? Regards, George.
  3. Hi all, I'm new on this forum and seeking some advice: Recently, I have had a forum set up to libel me. There is plenty on the open forum, but, I am told, far more in the "private" section. I cannot get into this private section as it is "by invitation" only. Can anyone help me with this? I need to get into the private section and copy the info there or have someone help me do that before I can go to my lawyers. I do not want to add anything to this section, delete anything or change anything. All I need to do is get a copy of this whole section. I don't believe I am allowed to post the forum name here, but would be happy to pm or e-mail to anyone who can help. Look forward to your answers. G.