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  1. arnt ppf files for playstation consols?
  2. i know this is an old post but im looking for help on getting halo to run on my computer i got it with a torrent but after i tryed to play it updated and wont let me play? any help? :devil:
  3. i just want to see other peoples thats it nothing else
  4. im not interested in making any soon i just want to know why the hell they will not move for me is there some setting in firefox that i need to set correctly??? :mumble:
  5. thanks that helped
  6. if its supposed to be going around or something i dont see it doing that
  7. Thanx systems_glitch went there but i still dont get why my browser wont display the animation?
  8. im using firefox and internet explorer as browsers......... it wont show the movement in either.... im not trying to open them seperatly it showed up in their posts there was some spanking going on in oddfluxs' woman on woman... goodtimes
  9. ????? gifs dont have movement inem.......those are just regular pics too......arnt they??
  10. i was on this site from a friends computer and noticed that some of the avatars were moving! (this was new to me) and wondered why the hell mine won't show it :cuss: cause oddfluxs' KICKS ASS :devil: what am i missing here??????
  11. amen
  12. been outta town for awhile just getting back to binrev tonight will try this when i get a chance thanx anybody know what the rating thing to the left is? no one else has it ......... i think its trying to drive me crazy been doing some googling and it sounds like (2 me) that you still need to have regular service to use do this WAP editing?........i cant try it right now 2 check it out tho. cant find my old phone now....DOH :cuss: but might try it on my new 1
  13. it was verizon
  14. DAM THE SPAM!!!! :growl:
  15. i agree evolve thank you fr34k3r im pretty sure i got a good plan set up now and ready to go thanks again for all your help