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  1. I use my iPod as an external hard drive and an emergency flashlight (hell, it's light!). If you have an iTrip, the greatest thing ever is to take it on a car trip through the city, tuned to the most popular rap station in the area. You will pass people blasting rap stations, and it will instantly turn to really loud static. Most drivers you pull this on will completely freak out.
  2. No. In quaternary, 0.1 would be 1/4, or .25 in standard base ten. Quaternary, as most of you probably know, is generally rather useless. Programs are executed in binary (but even that is useless, because who the hell programs in binary?), and the most useful system (other than the base-ten we know and love) is hexadecimal, which is used to identify colors (three numbers 00-FF (zero to 255), the first being red, the second green, and the third blue, so the hex code for mid-gray would be #888888 and the code for violet would be #FF00FF).