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  1. Its generally easier to install windows 1st. (not really eassier, but theres less chance of it getting screwwed up if you don't know much about partitioning and file systems) After that in the suse install you'll probly only want to make 2 partitions for linux, a swap partiton and a root (/) partition. Some distrobutions like you to make more partitions but its easier to make only one swap partition and one for the main file system becouse you don't have to worry about assigning too much to too little to any one partition.
  2. do all the cards marketed under the orinoco name have external anttenna ports?
  3. Ok, so I'v been borrowing a WPC11 from a friend of mine to test out kismet, airsnort, ect. Well the cards got to go back and now I'm in the market for one myself. Everyone seems to like the orinoco gold cards for wardriving/linux use, but which one should I get? I'v been on e-bay and theres like 3 different versions. I'v seen an Orionoco orinoco, a lucent orinoco, and a proxim orinoco, and I think I'v heard some one say that the proxims weren't even based on the orinoco chipset.(prism2 based) I'd just like some suggestions on a orinoco based card that'll work with linux/kismet/airsnort/ect and has a external anttena jack?
  4. I'm gald I switched to Linux for my desktop when I did. Windows is getting a little too abstract for me....
  5. MOST drive make a clicking noise when they crash. A few I'v ran acrost don't. twirlz: when you have the drive plugged in and the power on, can you feel the drive spin-up?
  6. I work as a PC tech at a local buisness that at one time bought ALOT of thouse nasty Fujitsus. The ones with the Cirus Logic chips on them that would die like 3 months after ya put 'em in a box. (MPG serries I think.... also the reson Fujitsu doesn't make HDs anymore) Anyway, one of the tricks we use (as a last resort) is to rap the hard drive in a papper towel and throw it in the frezzer for like half an hour. What this is supposed to do is stiffen up the read / write head in a drive thats crashing (head crash). I'v seen it work with drives the wern't blatently crashing too. The only think is to have another hard drive ready on the same system to catch the data, cuz it'll only work for about 10-15 minutes befor the drive would start to thaw. Usualy we have to do it a few times to get all the data we need, but you'd be supprised how many times this has worked for me. Worth a shot anyway.
  7. It would seem somewhat weird to me that if it was used to control a tarffic light, or something of the like, they would bother to add a microphone to the system. Tho not completly unresonable. Still... weird.