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  1. Is there really a way to get sattellite internet? and if so how?
  2. i tried the knoppix live boot linux, and red hat 6.0, and mandrake 10.1, they loaded up, but i couldn't find the drivers for the card slots, or the synaptics touchpad. Also, is there anything besides the wireless things, i did that allready, did nothing for me. I went on but couldn't find anything of use. Also, whats minislack?
  3. I have a 4-5 year old HP Pavilion laptop, with a 550mhz k6-III processor, 32 mb or ram, and a 5.5gb hard drive, i want to do something with it instead of keeping it as a paperweight, linux doesn't work on it, but i read some posts which said i should learn unix and programming, would unix work on this computer and where is the best place to get unix? Is it free? Also on a totally different subject, i have 3 sattellite dishes, a sattellite box, but i don't know exactly what type it is, i read somwhere i can hack sattellite tv or somehting, but there has to be something more fun than free hbo, can anyone help?