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  1. yeup its a virus
  2. well ive got to say youve got some glad somebody finally cares about music and not money for a change :voteyes: you should set up a forum on your site
  3. no why bother doing all the calculations....knoppix will do them for you. and you wont need to fiddle with drivers or anything
  4. do you really need all the calculations for engines and what not i mean knoppix ver 3.3 did come out... i mean why bother?
  5. so this is midnight eastern time?
  6. its like a year old and its a laptop so im clueless
  7. ok so im tryig to install netbsd on my laptop and while its probin gthe hardware it locks up and the last thing printed to the screen is isa0 at pcib0 :help:
  8. yes however i dont think it would be very effictive and you would need to be within very close proximity to your target
  9. ok yeah but how many servers were acctually penetrated t hats what matters
  10. could somebody give me a tut or some info about pushing policies under linux
  11. when you hold shift while caps lock is on the letter is lowercased so it looks like you rcaps lock was left on in the title
  12. dont ask for handouts at least ask for a tut or someting
  13. :help: ive gotten completly sick of adobe pdf anybody care to reccomened others?
  14. vmbs are great... yeah basicly what dual of the best thing about vmbs is that with most you can call out of them