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  1. yeah debian stable with gnome 2.3 or something
  2. better than unetbootin is pendrive linux
  3. I'm in bellingham
  4. I am looking into learning how to program and I am trying to pick a language that is pretty simple less than 6 months to get the fundamentals and I want to do some scripting/automating simple stuff and also be able to talk with com ports.I am pretty good with HTML and CSS should I look into a object oriented web language first or what.Looked a Python and Ruby because they both have web frameworks should I stick with those or try something else thanks.
  5. HI i am gregimbal im from the land of linux and i am traveling to the world of sec/pen stuff
  6. maybe it is time for him to upgrade to 7 or a linux distro. windows 7 can be pretty cheap if you are or have a child that is a student
  7. For climbing on the school it depends if it is a one story building and your under 150 pounds the easiest way on top of our elementary school is using the rain gutters for instance to climb up on our elementary school you can just shimmy up a gutter and pull your self onto the roof. if it is two story's this can be much more difficult I found that if your school has a loading area this will work as a good space to start. first i would scope out the area and figure out if there are any cameras besides looking you could go at night with a cheap camera that does not have a infrared filter most cameras have infrared led's surrounding them that allow them to see people in the dark. A floor-plan of the school would also be a nice addition maybe post a couple pictures on binrev so i can get an idea of what your looking at getting on top of or into. As for hacking how about a magnet setup strong enough to screw the a CRT screen or the hard drive, you could also use an arduino to emulate a keyboard and turn caps lock on and off randomly or you could look into putting a audio setup on the roof that would be programmed to play music at random times but make it sound like a school bell.
  8. Page kite would work well as an alternative to dyndns and since it is over SSL and can filter requests you could setup a mobile server and move from place to place because propagation apparently is around 30-45 minutes you could get a rental truck and add two server racks and a generator plus UPS plus some batteries and you have a line of cat5/6 or a wireless mobile internet with a couple dozen pages. If you could broadcast further using pirate box style repeater boxes or laptops that would be a amazing setup
  9. I understand DYNDNS no longer has a free service and its still quite a good deal for $30 a year but I may have found a better way pagekite if you listen to the episode on Hacker Public radio called pagekite it talks about getting data via ssl so your isp cannot deal with it seems like they have a different pricing model but depending on what you are doing this could be another option also if you want to run a server easily for free check out amazon's ec2 free tier on small linux and windows vm free for a year with a couple other perks
  10. So I have a couple questions about setting up a web server I am running Debian squeeze and Apache2 as the web server it is serving a simple static page with some HTML and CSS this is being run on an old dell poweredge 1750 rack server my first question is does Comcast block port 80 in washington? second question is how hard is dyndns to setup? third when someone visits the site page will the they view the same page as the servers localhost page or do i need to dive deeper into apache?