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  1. I've had the same problems and have been unable to resolve them. Perhaps someone should submit it as a bug?
  2. you SHOULD be able to get to terminal, just go to the hard drive and click the applications button, then click under utilities.
  3. Alright I tested this on a OS X machine that was of pretty high version number i can't remember what it was exaclty but i can check. I basicly own every computer in my school due to this exploit. Yes this has been fixed in panther. However i believe that most (if not all) aqua versions are stil vulnerable.
  4. OK here's what you're going to do. This is rediculous... There is a huge security problem that allows any user who can get to the terminal to gain Administrator (or even sudo root) privalages. All you need to do is know the name of the administrator account on the system. This can be found using a few different methods i won't discuss because if you know your way around a darwin system you can figure it out. 1. Get into terminal 2. type lookupd -d 3. type UserWithName: [admins name] 4. You will be given the encrypted password 5. Get John the ripper 6. crack the hash in like 2 mins flat since it's DES by default. NOTE: Don't look up root even though there is a root user he's by default locked out. If you want to preform any root like actions as an administrator use the sudo command. or if you want to set a root password type sudo passwd root Fix: There are a few ways of fixing this problem. 1. don't allow access to the terminal 2. chown it to system. You can't set to low of premissions because this is what OS X uses to get all the information it needs for users. I forget what my exact settings were in the computer lab but trying root:wheel and premissions of 600 didn't work. And people said macs were secure
  5. Wargame Features 1. Open to the public 2. Team based (sometimes) 3. 10 + systems I'd list more features but they're either up in the air or i want it to be a suprise.
  6. I have a few favorate distros. For people starting off I'd suggest (like everyone else) mandrake or RedHat. I suggest those with some provisions. Get good with them but don't stick with them for a long time (that is if you want to get good with linux). For people who want something a little more advanced and want to get better at linux I'd suggest a distro of (again like everyone else) slackware. Slackware is my favorate distro in the whole wide world. Some say debian is good but I don't really care for it too much. Gentoo also I've heared is like slackware but i don't have much expierence with Gentoo so I can't suggest it. For people who REALLY want to get their hands dirty look into a type of BSD. It's not linux but it's great for running servers. It's great for a number of things. I was once told (before i tryed BSD) that if you go BSD you won't go back. Although this isn't entirly true, I still fell in love with FreeBSD once i tried it. So my 3 favorate distros? Mandrake/Redhat Slackware *BSD (Preferably Free)
  7. make sure you choose to write the changes. There's an option to write, if you don't write, your old settings are simply restored when you quit cfdisk.
  8. my 2 cents: usually the jumper to disable the intigrated video is to the left of the mother board either by the pci slots or farther up more towards the integrated video jack. Usually the Sound jumper is there also if there is one.
  9. Boy do i Need that. My school is the same although they're running OS X Aqua. I actually was used as a security administrator until a younger student got pissed because i showed him up and he decided to have me kicked out.
  10. OK Heres the problem with MS-Dos. It was a little before the internet was "Big" Therefore older versions lack a lot of the support required to support server software (or even client software for that matter) /me smacks raven on the back calm down man it was just a joke
  11. Programming one would be a great expierence but it's not exactly the quickest choice of action. If you are very good at C/C++ I suggest you get a book (or find a tutorial) on windows socket programming. Don't expect to be writing your first ftp program from day one though. Although i'm fimiliar with a few ftp daemons that run in windows, I'm unaware of any that run in strictly MS-DOS. If you don't have windows on the machine, I'm assuming it's older. If that's true why not just get a distro of say FreeBSD and install it, the software comes with it and you get to learn a good *nix distro. (NOTE: FreeBSD isn't a newbie's distro by any means!) (NOTE2: I can already hear raven saying "I started out on FreeBSD..." haha) It Just depends on how much work you want to put into it.
  12. For a live distro i suggest Knoppix. It's really nice. Although I don't use it as a distro, i use it as a repair disk when something happens...such as i throw away that piece of paper that has all my passwords writen down................yeah......
  13. gcc

    I'm pretty sure you won't have to mess with RPM's if ou don't want, You should be able to get the binaries of the GNU GCC here
  14. I know this isn't exactly constructive at the moment however, I am not a Apple proponent. It's kinda like a Ford vs. a Chevy. I'd take the Chevy any day.
  15. I don't personally know about this, however it seems like it's nothing more than a legend. There is so much code that goes into making an OS that one could say that there is litterly anything in the code and never be disproven.