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  1. yEAH yOU ARE RIGHT....LOL i REALIZED THAT AFTeR i HAD POSTED.!! (Now, I was just tryin to be funny) Anyways....Any codes for Michigan Car washes? How bout vending/change machines??? :help:
  2. Hey, Thanks! Yeah, I read some of those in the retail section, but didnt see anything for Michigan stations. I'll keep looking. You said my "Caps lock key" was on?....Didnt look that way to me. Am I missing somethin' here?....lol Thanks again! MichiganCougar ps- Oh, I see it now....in my headline!!! what a dummy....lmao! thanks!!
  3. Hello everybody! yeah, Im a nubie, and I just love this site! Is anyone out here with access or knowledge of gas station car wash codes in mich? (shell gas stations etc,). I just got a code today from a station in saint Clair Shores at a shell station. I'm going to go back tomorrow to see if it works again, but I doubt it. Anyway of getting around these things?? One other thing, is there truely anyway, other than busting open a "do it yourself" car wash change maker, to get the change out? :ranaway: Any and all replies appreciated!! Thanks in advance for your :help: MichiganCougar