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  1. I like the convenience of the cloud, but have security issues as well. For me, too much unknown. I would not advise lastpass myself. Storing all your passwords in the cloud is trouble, no matter how encrypted (they claim) it is
  2. Thanks. Do you happen to remember the name of the app by any chance? Your brain. Or get something that uses a good encryption algorithm on a smartphone/handheld. Just don't lose the device..... I found one for my phone, uses 256bit blowfish and wipes itself if so many bad passwords are entered... It can be adjusted to not wipe the database on bad logins, but that is the only known vuln... to guess the password. So I set that. Just backup the database (the backup IS encrypted, too).
  3. Thanks. I have heard of Eraser before, but was not sure how good it was. I will check out the link you provided.
  4. Thanks for the tip! Use in private browsing Thanks I will download this app and check it out.
  5. Hi, I am currently using Web Root's Windows Washer to wash/destroy my browser history and other related browser fields as well as to permanently delete my files in Windows. Does anyone have a application they recommend that can do a better job? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am looking for a secure password manager. I am currently using KeePass 2.17. I saw a Hak5 video about the copy to clipboard vulnerability. Does anyone know of any other types of vulnerability to the appliciation. Also, is there another password manager that is a better option than KeePass? Thanks!
  7. Hm. The only thing I've ever found to be secure so far has been the IronKey. After seeing a lot of Sprite_tm's hacks to various "secure" drives both fingerprint, password, and PIN-based, I'd be nervous with "secure" measures employed. I haven't heard of an Ironkey being hacked but I've seen numerous other secured drives nailed. Thanks for your thoughts! I appreciate your input. Thanks!
  8. I am looking for a secure USB drive. I was thinking about the 16GB Aegis Secure Key. After reviewing the product and reading some reviews, it seems like a pretty secure and stable device. I was wondering if any one has one and would they recommend it. Also, if there are any known vulnerabilities. I would also be interested in hearing if there is another product people would recommend. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your input. I could not get BT to find the device, so I reinstalled the OS and it WORKED!!! Thanks for taking the time and pointing me in the right direction!!!
  10. Hi, I have used Windows for many years and know my way around the OS. I am new to Linux. I recently installed Backtrack 5.1 Gnome, 32 bit for a dual boot on my Dell laptop. I am trying to install the USB drivers for my ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036H adapter. I am embarrassed to say how many days I have spent trying to install the drivers. Suffice to say, it has been a humbling experience . That having been said, I am determined to succeed. I went to the ALFA web site and downloaded the Linux Kernal (2.6x) usb drivers (file name: I unzipped the file to this directory "036H_Linux_26.1040.0820.2010" on my Windows XP machine. I copied the folder to my USB stick and then copied the folder to my BT51 Desktop. This is where the wheels started to fall off . I do not know how to proceed. According to the documentation I found on the Alfa site, I am supposed use the "sudo make" command, then type "sudo make install". From my BT51 Desktop, I did the following: root@bt:~/Desktop/036H_Linux_26.1040.0820.2010# sudo make (I hit enter) make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory. Stop. make: *** [all] Error 2 I would deeply appreciate ANY guidance that would help me successfully install these drivers. Attached is a screen shot of the driver folder directory. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! Technology is a passion of mine, but I am relatively new to the info sec world. This forum looks like a gr8 resource for all sorts of information. Looking forward learning as much as I can.
  12. Found the link to this forum on So far, I really like what i see.