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  1. remote access through ssh telnet etc.
  2. youre asking a very broad question that will generate alot of different answers, dont expect to get any non-bias responses. basically when people tell you that Dell, HP, Gateway, or whatever sucks, they really dont have any idea what theyre talking about. some people will even tell you that dell makes crappy hardware or HP make crappy hardware, but in reality none of them really manufacture most of the components that go into the computers they sell. take a look inside a dell computer and youll find harddrives from samsung, maxtor, seagate or whatever, youll find video cards made by nvidia or ATI, youll find processors by intel or AMD, motherboards from asus or intel, optical drives from sony or plextor, ricoh cardbus chipsets, webcams by creative, bluetooth chips by toshiba, batteries from sony, the list goes on. so for someone to say that a computer sucks simply because it has a Dell or HP badge straped on the cover is just fucking silly. I've owned and currently own a few dell laptops and couple HP laptops one is an older inspiron 6000 that is a fucking tank. i used to drive a company vehicle on a route in las vegas and this computer was with me all day every day inside the cab in the heat of summer getting bumped dusty dirty dropped a couple of times even took a 4 foot fall off the dresser onto the floor and didnt even flinch. it has a cracked case missing keys scratches heavy wear spots on the palm rest and the touch pad, and the fucker still wont die, i havent had to replace a single part on it since ive had it and i still use it today for certain things.on the other hand some people may buy a brand new laptop and have problems with it right away, this happens with any company you buy from, and warranties will usually fix problems that arent due to abuse. I can understand your argument. but design is an important factor and mostly differs by brand and model, I want to get something designed to last, like your tank.
  3. gimp can help you "redo" an image.
  4. Where would be the best place to get a laptop, what brand should I choose and any other advice would be appreciated. I am going to use it as my windows computer and want to maybe play a game or two(orange box caliber). I also want to use it with a backtrack live cd and was wondering if wireless drivers are usually an issue with backtrack. Also if you know of any good sales I would be happy to hear about those too. thanks.
  5. Fluxbox is nice cause you can just set a bunch of custom commands with generic names instead of IE. AIM instead of Pidgin. and seamlessly run something like utorrent under wine with one click instead of typing in a command. Along with idesk i'd say that linux/fluxbox could be really mom/girlfriend friendly configured correctly. wow this thread got sexist.
  6. Interesting, this reminds me of this picture http://ctolpin.googlepages.com/momfriendly.png
  7. I got it now thanks, I dont know where I was going with the apache thing though. :0 now to learn how to set up xorg on ssh.
  8. Can I change the port that ssh listens on so that under the same router using different ports I could ssh to them with out ssh bouncing. If not could I use apache as a proxy and do something like it that way?
  9. You can check out these free subdomians: its easier to remember yourwebsite.whatever.com then an IP. My website is goatmale.mooo.com http://freedns.afraid.org/ I am not trying to advertise, only help...
  10. well.. you could try to do a inurl search on google inurl:http://www.pr0nsite.com/ or you could try sql injection. or you could post the site so other people could help.