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  1. Who in their right mind would compromise a free service because they get upset.(talking about COD MW3 on PS3). Just as it relates to Posting on!!! They will start charging for the online service if people don't watch it. Criticism is not hurling racial slurs left and right. I'm surprised PS3 has lasted this long with a free online service. They were down, however, for a while when compromised I'm just sayin'.
  2. Bumming a smoke is soooo much easier when the internet is involved.

  3. I suppose I'll have to do my shopping elsewhere lol. On foxnews. Ostensibly, it was easy enough even for a nube, like me, to understand. If I can write an or .net framework web application couldn't I in theory "go phishing".
  4. Hello World! Yea I'm such a noob ha. N E wayz. Nuf bout me How bout you.\n" I'm not just new to blogging but also to programming. I would love to get my hands on Visual Basic (and will soon)... Until then it's Codewerks "CodeWarrior". If anyone has any idea of how I can either see all of the images in the library and/or how I can add my own images I would be appreciative. If not... well like I said I'm just saying hey. P.S. How can I delete my topic from the forum?
  5. I agree, but if the intent is truly harmless you should not post viscerally. Hacking and Cracking differ in the fact that one is harmless (Hacking) and one is malicious (cracking).
  6. Thanks.