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  1. Yes you could, there are many ways to go phishing and they range from sending out e-mails that look legit to creating a clone of a website. Although the best usually do both, and you don't really need to write anything yourself with tools like the Social Engineer Toolkit (SET).
  2. According to Wikipedia it is either: RJ31X 8P8C Allows an alarm system to seize the telephone line to make an outgoing call during an alarm. Jack is placed ahead of all other equipment. (Only 4C are actually used) RJ38X 8P8C Similar to RJ31X, with continuity circuit. If the plug is disconnected from the jack shorting bars allows the phone circuit to continue to the site phones. (Only 4C are actually used) More information about them from Stratmando: * RJ31X: 8P8C (although usually only 4C are used), Often incorrectly stated as allowing alarm (fire and intrusion) equipment to seize a phone line, the jack is actually used to disconnect the equipment from the phone line while allowing the phone circuit to continue to the site phones. * RJ38X: 8P8C, similar to RJ31X, with continuity circuit (this is the one that should be used for fire and security applications because of the continuity pair. If the plug is removed from the jack a short is created between pins 1 and 8 therefore if correctly wired will trip a panic or fire alarm.) The way to tell them apart (not really necessary because an adapter for one should work for the other): Minor difference between the RJ38X and RJ31X: There is a strap between pins 2 and 7 on the RJ38X. (Pansophic in this thread.)
  3. I am an IT student, studying security and decided to create a blog where I could post guides/tutorials about the things I am learning because I find the best way to learn is to try and teach someone else. Please stop by and check out I am currently using "Samurai" and going through the various attacks on DVWA. Please feel free to follow/comment and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for future guides/tutorials. Also, if an admin on these forums likes the content and would like me to re-post my tutorials from my blog to relevant places here PM me.
  4. Google search for Penetration Testing Forums
  5. Hello, I am an IT student studying security, here to learn and share what I know.