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  1. I need to get a more permanent setup for it! I have a Synoptics modular hub system now, which includes some terminal server modules. They're extra nice as they're meant for dialin lines and will autobaud to whatever your connection is.
  2. Actually, as an attendee, I was basically unaware that anything was happening. A friend on event staff is how I found out.
  3. Yeah, apparently people were grabbing them up -- dunno if they were people who remembered binrev, or just liked how the sticker looked PM me your address and I'll mail you some.
  4. I've got some of these left over from HOPE, PM me your mailing address if you want one.
  5. Not this year, I want to make it out some time but it always seems to be when I've got something un-cancelable scheduled
  6. Ran into Beave while I was there and some of the guys from IRC. Did you find yourself a binrev sticker?
  7. Excellent to hear an update about the transmitter project! If you have trouble logging in, you can ping one of the chanops on #binrev or yell at us via twitter @binrev
  8. 0irc (still developed! sort of!) on Windows 98 on a random Compaq Deskpro 5100 I was cleaning up today.
  9. No one? We'll be there all three days, and, THERE WILL BE STICKERS!
  10. mIRC 5.91 on Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with Microsoft 32-bit TCP/IP. Running on Amy's IBM PS/ValuePoint 466DX/D. Connected to the DEChub 90 with 10base2 on a 3Com EtherLink III: Forgot that Win31 doesn't really properly screenshot with Print Screen and paste in Paint. Found this nice little util, written in Delphi:
  11. Fixed up a theme for irssi that uses terminal-native inverse video mode for the status bars: Setting the foreground/background colors is not sufficient, the VT100 will just ignore them and use its normal, non-inverse colors. Pictured terminal is a VT320 in VT100 mode (for ESC key!), on ttyb on the SPARCstation 10, running NetBSD 7.1.2. You can get the theme file here: Do I get bonus points for the Sun running over 10base5/thicknet?
  12. Welcome!
  13. I love that doing low-level tasks is just as simple as it's always been -- apparently getting a serial console set up with systemd is a real chore. I haven't tried it, but Sark has and apparently can *not* get the configuration to be persistent! Router looks good! It's nice to have the right bracket instead of just cutting the top off with a hacksaw
  14. link to album: I ended up with this little Teltone TLS2 "Test Line Simulator" from an equipment pick-up last fall. It's basically an analog two-line PBX: it's microcontroller driven and provides dialtone, ringing, and will let you call between the two ports. One port is station 40, the other is station 29. There's a switch for ground start or loop start for each port, presumably that's to allow for testing old PBX trunks that use ground start. I'd verified that it works with two telephones, but hadn't tried modems with it. I plugged a 2400 bps external modem into a SPARCstation 2 that was on the bench and set it up as a modem line. Pretty basic setup, just update /etc/gettytab for your line specs and /etc/ttytab to enable getty on the chosen serial port. It'd been so long since I had to set up a modem port on SunOS 4.x, I forgot about running ttysoftcar (TTY Soft Carrier detect) so the line wouldn't auto-answer at first. Closeup of the hardware, sit back and enjoy der blinkenlights: SS2 connects to the main network over 10base2/ThinNet The "client" end is a Leading Edge Model D (DOS PC) with an internal modem: Works fine! Even attached a screen session and IRCed over the link!