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  1. Hello, i'm new and i'm looking for help!

    I'm only here for the Web Hacking. Nothing more, and i really don't understand without help. I may need some sources, may need guide.. You know. I'm asking help for only the basics..
  2. Hello, i'm new and i'm looking for help!

    34 Wiews and, no anwers. Please guys, help me.
  3. I know, it's really noobish. But, i must start from somewhere. Let me introduce myself. I'm living in Turkey, i'm a web programmer and i'm studying for Computer Programming. I'm 18. I prefer do not give my name. I know how to use computer, i can learn fast, i'm interested in computer really long time. Now, I wanted to be hacker, but for some good reasons. You know, maybe being a digital Robin Hood. And, i need a teacher who teach me how to be a hacker, who can give me sources, can guides me. If you're reading this and thinking you're good at this subject please help me. I know it's sounds like noobish and i know i'm looking like a noob. But, i promise, i swear if you help me, i'll do it for other beginners, after i learn something.. Please don't let me down. Thanks.. ^^
  4. ALL Hacking Toll

    Yeah, download from where?
  5. Anyone tried WPA dictionaries with success

    We can say, that's not easy for beginners, am i right?
  6. Thanks Glitch, you're best.