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  1. I'm only here for the Web Hacking. Nothing more, and i really don't understand without help. I may need some sources, may need guide.. You know. I'm asking help for only the basics..
  2. 34 Wiews and, no anwers. Please guys, help me.
  3. I know, it's really noobish. But, i must start from somewhere. Let me introduce myself. I'm living in Turkey, i'm a web programmer and i'm studying for Computer Programming. I'm 18. I prefer do not give my name. I know how to use computer, i can learn fast, i'm interested in computer really long time. Now, I wanted to be hacker, but for some good reasons. You know, maybe being a digital Robin Hood. And, i need a teacher who teach me how to be a hacker, who can give me sources, can guides me. If you're reading this and thinking you're good at this subject please help me. I know it's sounds like noobish and i know i'm looking like a noob. But, i promise, i swear if you help me, i'll do it for other beginners, after i learn something.. Please don't let me down. Thanks.. ^^
  4. We can say, that's not easy for beginners, am i right?
  5. Thanks Glitch, you're best.