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  1. Is there any way to create an autorun file that would instantly kill the antivirus once it was plugged in to the computer?
  2. Want mine? No blocks, it even sends it to the fucking INBOX! Its fuckin amazing, the best part is, theres no limit. You can send it as anyone, so you can send an email to your teacher as your principal. If the teacher has the principal in his contact's list, it will end up in the inbox which is fucking amazing. Bombed my teacher 5000 mails but they cant track me down because the server I used was in America. I live in Thailand.
  3. I have an Email Nuker. It can send as many emails as you want from whichever email. I nuked my teacher with another teacher's adress with 5000 emails, it only took 15 minutes to process 5000 emails LOL. Now they be tracin n tracin but I live in Thailand, and the server I used is hosted in America. So they be mad that they don't know who the fuck did it! LOL.
  4. edit by StankDawg: OK, enough... one or two was accident by a noobie, this is just spam for spams sake. Ban sequence initiated...
  5. Edit by StankDawg: I have already edited out your other spam posts with this nonsense and issued warnings. If you post it again, I will ban you outright. read the rules!