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    Okay, so I may only be 14, but I have the potential to learn very VERY much. And yes, I also understand this is where interests go xD. But my interests are pretty much expanding my knowledge of computers in every aspect. Whether it be hacking, scripting, encrypting, encoding or animating. I wish to learn more xP.
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  1. Please guys... I know you all have the right of opinion and such, but do you really have to dis the game if it's not something useful to the thread??? It's nothing but pissing and moaning when you do...
  2. Thank you, it's very helpful .
  3. I have this game. It's called Fate. And I'm going to hack it. . I'm most likely going to need a little help on this. I'm going to attempt to try and change some of the figures in it. But the thing is I can't read the language. I have almost no idea to what means what... A little hard to explain, but, one day I was just looking at it's file location. There were some files that I could open with NotePad, but when I tried editing it and re-saving it. It would say something along the lines of "Cannot find file location". I'll have more specific details in a second. But it completely stumped me. I'll copy and paste the file's text right soon with the more specific details. Note : I'm doing this with my Windows computer if that makes any difference. Edit: Okay... I feel so stupid... I don't know what I did wrong the last time, but I've successfully changed the properties of some of the stuff... Now only if I could figure out how to delete this topic...
  4. Okay. So, to start off, I'm completely ignorant in just about all aspects of things like hacking, file formats, encoding, encrypting, and languages. But, I am EXTREMELY eager to learn. I want to know things like what is a client, how do I learn the Perl (I think that's what it's called?) language, and basically most of the hacking terms. I saw OS mentioned somewhere, no clue what it means. Lol. I have a Linux, which is, at times, frustrating when you grew up strictly Windows. I don't even know how to download Cheat Engine 6.1... Ugh... And I don't think I'm going to hack anything illegal at the age of 14. xD. Anyways, is there any books that would be easy for me to comprehend out there that someone would recommend, preferably .pdf file torrents? I saw Hacking For Dummies referenced somewhere, so that's first up. To sum it all up, I need the complete and utter basics, the little things that you HAVE to understand. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you all .
  5. Well, I found BinRev when I was searching for RuneScape server hacks. (which I soon found out is extremely hard from what I've read.) And also when I was searching for Farmville hacks. I love hacking. But I barely know how to do it, the best I've done is a few mods in my game Fate. But I trust this community to help me learn about all the aspects and parts there are to hacking. I learn extremely quick and easy. ;P. And I want to become a game animator/designer when I get older. I hope this will help me progress to my goal.