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  1. Bump for interest. Ive been considering moving to an fpga cluster to increase the efficiency of my current bitcoin mining operation. However i would like to know whether they can be used effectively for something like WPA handshake bruteforcing.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get my attack vectors straight for gaining execution on a pc on a network with a server with open SMB shares. I have Guest access to a share on a server (so i can write and read files in a directory). But I'm trying to gain a shell on either that system or another system on the network with login credentials for that machine. So far i see it as i have 3 options: 1) upload an executable and run on a computer with administrator credentials for the server. 2) Brute force the credentials for an administrator account. 3) Sniff the credentials for a privileged account and use those. The first i can do easily. The second I have no idea how to do but want to learn how to do well. And the third i again have basic knowledge of but not sniffing these particular credentials/hashes.
  3. Do you have CFW? because if so then you could just FTP it over. (Remember Ps3s have gigabit) If you have multiman installed then you might be able to use the built in FTP server on that (I've never had much success). Alternatively install a 3rd party one. Like this one here:
  4. Am posting in a hello topic. Hello. Nice to meet you. How are you doing today/tonight?
  5. Cant you just use the BSSID? Much easier in making sure that you don't get random "invalid char..." errors...
  6. Theoretically, if you wanted to do things the hard way for this, you could try running around and cracking some WEP keys and grabbing the passwords from the router (most people who would use WEP use the default router password). This would be the easier/more time consuming/lower profile way of gaining ISP details.