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    If you guess I'll give you $1.00 and some hardware.
  1. Lol...Or Do it ..Very Carefully and discreetly?
  2. PGP

    Remember I said I tryed it to see if it really worked...and NO i am not using a cracked version of pgp..... But I might give it another try later on why? because it has alot more nice options: Whole Disk ENcryption etc.... I still wouldnt probably use it for everyday use....too paranoid
  3. Hmm.. can you provide more information ? (or am i missing something you said?) What type of encryption is it using?.... or more better of a question How exactly is this drive protected ? (PGP Whole Disk Encryption? TripleDes? Just a folder pass? etc..?) and one more question...How exactly did you come around a password protected laptop drive? lost and found/stolen? should be updates and good luck
  5. I honestly dont give a shit as the what you think. All I am saying is I hate that fact that theres too much censorship in information. I want the truth and not some censored opinion of some media outlet. Have you heard of something called echleon ? (not sure of spelling) thats just one of the communications censors/(forgot the right word to use) used. I dont think information should be censored and most people think the WWW is a Global Free Space instead its owned by the Us Gov (Ip address allocations etc..) By the way: .... Are you making ANY sense mate?......think 2wice before yelling
  6. Looks too funny for me......Toyish... Its a tablet as well huh...interesting Personally I wouldnt like this especially because it draws too much attention ..when you are know doing stuff at public places....and the design looks like a cartoon to me
  7. This is the type of shit that pisses me off.....People owning a world thats meant to be free...
  8. HAS anyone Stolen ANYTHING Major? and ALMOST got caught or got caught?
  9. PGP

    I dont know if you guys know about this ..but the commercial version of PGP..PGP DESKTOP Pro theres a Copy floating around thats supposed to have been 'cracked' ?? So, like any curious person obtained a copy of this PGP DESKTOP 9.0 and read the read me included: there are 2 files: 1 that patches the exe and the other ones a Dos based program that generates a Serial/Company name etc.... I figured ok this is not going to work...and to my disbelief It WORKED..Yes it worked. My question is, does this mean theres a major flaw with the algorithm..or is that completely different from the program it self and it doesnt really matter because the encryption method is the same? (i am not sure how this exactly works....please comment)
  10. Its running a light version of linux..... and its meant for being mass produced for those you cannot afford shit and 3rd world it from the mit site
  11. Yup.....
  12. Sandisk Announced Anti-piracy Memory Chip Submitted by Forcefire Sandisk unveiled the a new memory chip, contained on a storage card, which features a built-in security that prevents illegal copying. The TrustedFlash Micro SD memory cards could enable strict controls on intellectual property and at the same time, easy transfering of digital content to be to cell phones, music players, computers and other gadgets. The TrustedFlash MicroSD memory cards were showcased at the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment tradeshow in San Francisco. The storage cards include embedded digital rights management (DRM) and decryption technology, as well as a subscription manager allowing them to be used for digital music and subscription music services. The company stated that music producers and movie studios will be able to release premium content on TrustedFlash products. Consumers will be able to download premium content from online digital music services through their mobile phone or PC. They?ll also be able to purchase pre-recorded content on SanDisk?s new grūvi cards, the first product to be released with TrustedFlash. Today, much of a consumer's digital content is held hostage on a particular kind of device, such as an iPod or a PC, because that is the only way to prevent massive piracy. But with the SanDisk flash memory card, a consumer can move the digital content to another device. If the music company insists the data can only be copied five times, the memory card itself enforces that policy in the new device, be it a cell phone or music player. SanDisk has persuaded some industry players to use 'gruvi,' which will be the brand name for TrustedFlash in the entertainment category. The latest Rolling Stones album is scheduled for release in November in a format that holds four additional albums that can be unlocked after the consumer buys the music. The chip with the first album will sell for $39.95. Among the music industry providers adopting it are EMI Group and Yahoo Music. Meanwhile, cell phone maker Samsung Mobile Communications, pay-TV company NDS, and portable video software company Packet Video are also supporting SanDisk's technology. Samsung's phones, for instance, can play music on the memory cards. SanDisk will keep control of TrustedFlash for now, but said that it expects to open up the technology as it matures and gains support from the industry. In a second phase planned for 2006, it is expected that TrustedFlash will also support mobile commerce applications and enable handsets to perform secure online financial transactions such as credit card payments, mass-transit access and one-time password authentication. And it begins....
  13. Thanks alot for the info....helps alot!, Also, how much total did you spend on your system? and are you familiar with security modules/addons that you could intergrate with the system ? (remote car-theft attempt alert I wouldnt want some nut breaking in to the car and jacking the computer!) Thanks again P.S: It would be great if you could post some pictures of your rig
  14. Shuttle PC's wouldnt work ..I am thinking , because of In car conditions such as: Extreme (sometimes) Vibrations/Bumps/shakes..... Sudden Temperature Changes //veryhot/verycold....sunlight, dust etc... Would there be damage done overtime if you leave your car locked in the sun for a good 3 hours..while everythings burnin inside? I need to get/build a carpc that will withstand these conditions
  15. Interesting...Can you play good quality video as well (Divx, etc..) and the touch screen works fine? I guess linux would run a lot faster than windows..but if i cant get a standalone linux carpc system I'll proly dual boot linux/windows and use windows for Media/entertainment/GPS mostly... Also, any one know of any GPS base Anti-Theft Alert systems that you could intergrate with the system ? so it'll like alert it to your cellphone/pager? P.S: It would be great if you could post some pictures of your rig. thanks