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  1. has not set their status

  2. I believe the maximum in Windows XP that you can assign a drive letter to is 26. Minus the ones assigned to local drives, it still should be more than 10.
  3. There are exploits for Cisco routers, but what IOS are they running? You also should make sure you have some kind of terms of engagement. Even if they verbally told you it is OK, they would deny that later without having anything in writing.
  4. The security field is as vast as the IT field is. There are positions such as ID administration, patch management, and firewall monitoring, but that is just the surface. The best recommendation is to find out what you enjoy the most within IT and focus on it while being aware of the other disciplines. A security administrator will have a well-rounded knowledgebase but should also have a specialty such as programming, network, risk management, etc, but also needs to have the ability to communicate with the management. I have seen a lot of people who think they know a lot and have a elitist attitude. While this may gain respect on forums, management will ignore you and your proposals. The more you can get them to side with you based off of the risks of the company, the more successful you will be. Like others have stated, ask around. Practice your social engineering skills and go research what companies want (since you are a student you can pretend it is for a paper for school), but understand security has changed over the years and will continue to do so.
  5. Simply put, if you are infected with malware you will want to reinstall as most will have hooks into the operating system that are nearly impossible to remove or better yet like Vector said go get a Linux distro and install that instead.
  6. Do you have the same ISP provider? If so and depending on the technology used (i.e. Cable modem) you may already be sharing the data pipe coming into the neighborhood or apartment complex where teaming the connections together might not be beneficial. It could be worth the try, but most likely you will not be able to pull the full 20Mbps. Load balancing would work if you are hosting your own servers, but does not work if you are on the client side.
  7. What are the error messages?
  8. The XP SP2 firewall causes issues with NET SEND and you need to make sure the Server service is turned on.
  9. I don't believe the BEFSR41 is supported by the DD-WRT, OpenWRT, or any of the aftermarket firmware projects. That is the advantage of using the WRT54G.
  10. A simple one is the Linksys WRT54G since you can change the firmware to use DD-WRT and improve the functionality.
  11. If you only have the Norton software firewall and not a hardware firewall, then you could be getting some automated script probing you.
  12. I would agree with this. Take the hard drive out of the computer and set it as a slave in another computer. If you let Windows write to the drive, it has the potential to overwrite the data. Personally I like GetDataBack from and WinHex at Unfortunately neither of these are free, but GetDataBack allows you to see if you can recover the files prior to purchasing their software and I thought WinHex has a demo version.
  13. A monitor should not use a serial port, but the 15-pin VGA port. I haven't seen one yet that uses the serial. Some higher quality monitors use the RCA Plugs for composite video or the S-Video.
  15. I am downloading the DVD version now but since not many are seeding it, it will take a while. I will let you know what I think when I get it installed.