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  1. you could just run the real programs, like if you root it theres no need for a skype "app" you could just run skype Not true. Rooting allows you to take full control over the phone, treating the phone as a full computer. It allows you to tether. It gives you access to development apps that aren't shipped on stock phones. It allows you to run custom firmware. Rooting allows you to change the way Android looks. Change the theme, the bootloader, the on-screen keyboard, etc. You can also connect to an OpenVPN network if the firmware supports it. this is mostly accurate. What rooting essentially does is give you Super User permissions. that means yes that you are able to read/write to previously restricted directories and files on the device. this way you can uninstall system apps like the crap apps/bloatware from the carriers. you can modify build properties, make certain kernel tweaks, and more. what rooting alone DOES NOT allow you to do is flash custom kernels or ROM versions or bootloaders or recovery images or radio versions. depending on the device will depend on what youre able to do with unlocking bootloaders or flashing kernels or ROMs and recoveries.
  2. old cell phones make great little sneaky ipcams too. i have 4 android phones setup in different areas of the house and a couple ip cams outside and i can watch them all locally or remotely from my phone or tablet, motion sense, email, record or send you a text on motion detect, etc etc. everyone has at least one phone sitting in the junk drawer that they arent using anymore. and noone really thinks twice about a phone sitting on the desk or shelf or wherever.
  3. tty1-7 > *
  4. yeah uh, what youre saying doesnt really make sense. if he has his own internet connection and wifi, why would he bother using yours? in addition to the WPS advice that you've already gotten, the simplest thing would be to filter out the mac addy of the xbox that is connecting to your wifi. but for sure the only realistic way someone could keep getting your wifi docs over and over would be with reaver using your wps pin. now if youre really interested in just causing some trouble for someones wireless network theres other tools you can use. first youre going to need to understand a little more about your own wlan setup before youre going to be ready to even attempt the fun stuff. start with learning about the aircrack-ng suite, reaver, and mdk3, when you can actually crack wep encryption 40bit or 104bit, and actually understand how you did it, then you might be ready for the next step.