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  1. I saw this over on Evan Doorbell's twitter and figured I'd pass it along. Someone set up an old recording of a rather famous voice from the old network doing her best disconnected number message, followed by some old-style busy signal. I kinda wondered when I heard that if it functioned like the old Sputnik busy signal conference, but I didn't have a second line to test it from. After about 10-15 seconds it times out to modern busy signal and just keeps going indefinitely. I figure it's some guy's asterisk box so it's worth testing to see if it's a conference. Note: According to the original post this number may not supervise so you may want to come in over the PSTN to be sure. Anyway: (516) 821-8190. Check it out and report your findings.
  2. Evan Doorbell just posted rough cuts of some new recordings on soundcloud: Also, if you aren't already, you can follow his (now actually active) Twitter account at
  3. Nope. I did find an unedited copy of ZZZZZZ recordings sitting on the Groupbell FTP some years ago, though. If you'd like it, I can upload it somewhere. Hah. Yeah, go ahead and throw it up on 4shared or something. Here's hoping Evan gets a chance to get back to narrating some more of that old time phone goodness.
  4. Well, I already shared a copy of this with dmine last night, and I don't think anybody would object to me sharing with the rest, so here's a ZIP of the raw tapes from Quebec: I could swear ThoughtPhreaker posted these previously, but I guess not. Well, wherever I got them from, they're here now. Enjoy.
  5. dmine, i sent you a message over on your site. I have a couple of raw recordings from Evan's trip to Quebec. I'm not sure if I got them from another post made here or what. I just wanted to make sure they didn't wind up disappearing into the aether. If you want them, give me a place to upload them.
  6. Confs are good. If I'm available I might even join in. What time zone do you have in mind? Oops. Should've specified I meant PST.
  7. Well, it would help if we could all show up when we say we will. Let's try Telephreak, Fridays at 5pm ... we'll see how that goes. Also: Doug really needs to release Default Radio #44 already.
  8. The problem with Telephreak is that frequently you'll call in and it'll say there are N number of people in the conference -- but nobody's there. I don't know if that's an issue with Asterisk or if people are simply idling there...but it isn't exactly conducive to conversation.
  9. Okay, so I didn't get to tune in for Default Radio #44, so I don't even know if it was broadcast, let alone recorded ... but ... Doug, it's been four months ... can you take five minutes and either post the recording or at least lie and say your dog ate it?
  10. Oops. I came in way late. Guess we'll have to try again next Friday...when I definitely will NOT be spending most of my day running back and forth to and from the hospital.
  11. Indeedy. Worked for the Socal, right? Personally, I think we should use 812-462-9297. It holds at least a T1's worth, so capacity isn't a problem, and it has a feature that lets you drop the last caller if everyone else hangs up. It's a last resort, but it's come in handy whenever there's a problem. So how do you want to go about doing this? Is there a regular time/day you want to try and get people on? Yeah, just off the top of my head I'd say we should shoot for Fridays starting at 5pm PST. Everyone's coming off work, the weekend's ahead, etc. And yeah, the 812 should work fine.
  12. Yeah, lets do it... but do the world a favor and just post one. If folks want to gather round in the evenings and shoot the shit we shouldn't make it harder for them by directing them to a whole list of bridges. Pick a number and a time and I'll be there. PS ... nobody tell tr0n.
  13. Speaking of conferences... does anybody know what's up with the SoCal? I used to call it once every couple of months to shoot the shit and/or bug Tr0n, but I guess as of a couple of months ago there's now a prompt for a password ... and worse, if you don't enter the correct pin you get dumped to the fucking mexican doorbell line. That's just fucked up.