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  1. Heres what Id liek to do. On zero dollars. Id like to reload windows and seal it as best able - Im planning on using Kerio Firewall and the anti-spywares that have free versions until I can afford better. Anti-Virus I don't know what to use, any links to that are apprciated. If I need to use Windows (which I imagine I will out of sheer familiarty/need ) I was going to try Firefox or Opera to browse and scrap forever Internet Explorer. But how do I go to Linux? Do I have to make a second partition for that OS? Should I do it (or can I rather) via DSL - Damn Small Linux? I just want to get a handle on security issues at this point enough to run cootie free, and get on with some programming and such. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hey. I have a tower I tried to reinstall windows pro on, and I don't know what Im doing. I have some basic questions about the process and what I did. Partitions - Do I need one? And why please. I did get win pro to load, but I did'nt have a driver disk. Now it loads but goes to the "choose mode screen" at launch (safe mode etc) When I go to load it, it does a file system check which comes out normal but freezes there. Any advice / sites about how to proceed are greatly appreciated.
  3. Anyone recommend a good open source spyware program ? Thanks
  4. My building has had some ongoing construction in it. The owners/super do'nt follow the law regarding notification of power outages or the water being shut off. One of these outages was severe - more like a power spike or surge - bypassing my power strip and zapping my Laptop. On reboot I could'nt get past the; Choose mode you'de like to launch in screen ( for windows) Eventually I reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition but have noticed some performance problems in regards to video and other things. Could someone recommend how I might test to see what hardware may have been damaged? Thank you much
  5. Below Im posting the logfiles I requested from the Hosting Service, which were 1st passed to my brother, then to myself. The items I altered ahould be obvious - like for my brothers email I put MY@BROTHER.COM etc. Im just looking to see, from the point of view of someone who knows how to read these, If I in any way received what I requested, which was: -- A log of my accounts activity for the 24 hour period starting at 3:30pm 9/21 through 3:30pm 9/22 I understand that I may never know 100% what happened and have gotten new email accounts so as to avoid at least "this" problem in the future. Also I did not know that with a POP server I should not leave the emails on the hosters site, which I had been doing. But Im new and am learning - whats odd to me about that is had I done that I'd have lost all my emails when I recently lost my laptop to a power spike - not having any backup files (which I'm also working on) Thanks for the input on this - always a learning experience. Overcat ........................................ From: support@HOSTER-hosting.net To: MY@BROTHER.com Sent: 23 Sep 2005 12:49:03 Hello , Here are the log files you requested: Sep 22 10:13:52 mmm1104 sendmail[77281]: j8MEDq1P077281: Authentication-Warning: mmm1104.HOSTER-web.com: webapps set sender to OVER@CAT.com using -f Sep 22 10:13:52 mmm1104 sendmail[77281]: j8MEDq1P077281: from=OVER@CAT.com, size=361, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<200509221413.j8MEDq1P077281@mmm1104.HOSTER-web.com>, relay=webapps@localhost Sep 22 10:13:52 mmm1104 sendmail[77281]: j8MEDq1P077281: to=MY@BROTHER.com, ctladdr=OVER@CAT.com (149/149), delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=relay, pri=30361, relay=mail-fwd.HOSTER-web.com. [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (2-0681788432 Message accepted for delivery) Sep 22 10:47:26 mmm1104 sendmail[88113]: j8MElQS9088113: Authentication-Warning: mmm1104.HOSTER-web.com: webapps set sender to MY@SISTERINLAW.com using -f Sep 22 10:47:26 mmm1104 sendmail[88113]: j8MElQS9088113: from=MY@SISTERINLAW.com, size=1391, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<200509221447.j8MElQS9088113@mmm1104.HOSTER-web.com>, relay=webapps@localhost Sep 22 10:47:27 mmm1104 sendmail[88113]: j8MElQS9088113: to=MY@BROTHER.com, ctladdr=MY@SISTERINLAW.com (149/149), delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=relay, pri=31391, relay=mail-fwd.HOSTER-web.com. [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (1-091321446 Message accepted for delivery)
  6. Actually that was my thought exactly. I think that if someone looked at it who knew what they were reading would be able to determine if he just filtered what he wanted, cutting off a piece thinking I don't have access to a small army of people "without" headwounds LOL (that also have expertise) I'm mostly just curious at this point. Burningly so really. I don't even care that he'd do it because as crappy as family gets I can always pick a better one next time 'round lol It's just for knowing and for a bit of knowledge I did'nt have before something broke. When I can I'll edit it to remove personal info and post it in here; I'll check here before I post too in case soemone knows that I should'nt include X or Y for some reason. Thanks again
  7. I check my mail through Internet Explorer. But I'd never had a problem even after reloading Windows on my laptop my Inbox was still Intact. I took tehbizz's advice and managed to get copies of the log files and I did it 100% honestly. (that's just for me) I made a time line and found that if I had the logs of a 24 hour period it might show me at least if the deletions or downloadings to Outlook or Eudora from a 3rd party PC were sparatic. My gut does say my brother did it, but I feel like this joke I just heard: "A woman is like a Cop, she can have all the evidence in the world but still wants the confession" So I got the log files - and Im not trying to beat a dead horse now so much as take a stupid unfortunate situation by the hilt and learn something cool from it! Is there a way I can post them here so that I don't devulge any info that might harm me or my brothers emails etc? For example if I altered the email names to protect the parties - will the numbers be too revealing even then security wise? There are only maybe 10 lines of code/log files - which is making me think that my brother did'nt forward all of them to me. I had to have them sent to his email and then asked him to forward them to me; which he did. I requested a 24 hur period from 330pm 9/21/05 to 330pm 9/22/05 But theres 10 lines and 150 emails were eaten. May I post them for a learning experience? Safely if possible - thanks alot for the guidence either way Overcat
  8. Thanks tehbizz To get a grasp though... could this have occured as a result of my ignorance about security "through my machine" or is it isolated logically to have occured only through access to the root of the email hosted site? Hope that made sense.
  9. OK this is a little involved, and Im all things new - newbie - noob - My brother hosts a site / domain and has let me have an email for some time now. We recently had a falling out and I immediatly started looking to establish a new email account or two, and utilized the forums here to get that done. Got two, and am very grateful for the assistance. I went to check my email (the one my brother hosts) low and behold my entire inbox had been deleted, and so had the trash. I asked him if he did it. He claims not to have. The thought occured to me that since Im new and Im honestly trying to learn all that I can here; that I may have been messed with as a result of posts here and or in irc. I have no problem with that, or suffice it to say that I expect that has to happen at some point - its the dues - thats how you learn or certainly part of the process. I really would like to find out though if my brother did that - for peace of minds sake. And perhaps as a result learn how to look for "footprints" (excuse the term please if thats not the right one) in my machine to see who did what when. Im going to post a seperate topic for general security so I can start to get a clue. Thanks as always for this environment. Overcat
  10. Thanks all for the help:) I did get Gmail going - it did seem to still need an invite (far as I could tell)
  11. Yes please eveon Id like an invite to Gmail Thanks
  12. Could anyone recommend a free email service please I do use a yahoo account currently and have another I use alot (not yahoo but a domain thats getting canceled) that I have to surrender. Thank you Overcat
  13. Im new - been up for 24 hours reading non-stop - will need 12 step group soon if this keeps up. I don't want to offend anyone in #binrev. Someone told me that Crackers have the same ideals but a different approach then do Hackers ~ paraphrasing. Could I get some feedback on that concept please? I came accross in - http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html that just by me having a nick - ie. Overcat - to some will be viewed in a not so positve light to say the least - Im not trying to please everyone don't get me wrong, but is that an outdated comment? Thanks much
  14. d0p3d4n : i believe that it is a very vague situation because the law about it is different in every state and it is also changing quite frequently .......... All the more reason to get an idea / handle mentally on it Im the type of person that in this arena would rather fall on the side of safe than sorry - which is what it is - but my gut tells me alot of people here - even if just visiting - would benefit from a few drops of the ocean of experience you all have to offer on the subject Even if its not an exact site / law - please keep posting
  15. Thank You for posting that! Its awesome!